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Education & Exams - Panhellenic 2020: The grades were announced [Here you will see the scores]

The scoring performance of the candidates in GEL and EPAL is in the public domain!!

The Ministry of Education has released the statistics for this year's scoring performance of the candidates GEL and EPAL in the Panhellenic Examinations.……

Candidates can view their grades per course on the website



a) the eight-digit code their number and

b) the four initial letters of their personal data (Last name - First name - Patronymic – Mother).

Simultaneously, the results have been sent electronically to the Directorates of Secondary Education, in order to be promoted to the schools of their responsibility in order to print statements of the successful ones that will be posted in the Lyceums. It is clarified that the statements posted in the Lyceums contain only the code of each candidate and the data of his success and not his nominal data..

It is noted that since Saturday 11-7-2020 until Friday 17-7-2020, all candidates will now be able to to finalize their computerized bulletin (by selecting DEFINITION), online at


After the deadline, no candidate will be able to finalize their computerized form.

Recommended candidates print and / or store on their computer the finalized computerized (which has acquired automatically and numbered), that at any moment they can see their final preferences.

Approximately this year's national exams took place 100.000 candidates for admission to 77.970 positions of Higher Education.

The fundamentals Importation is expected to be announced in the last week of August!!

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