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Education policy - Α΄ ΕΛΜΕ ΚΥΚΛΑΔΩΝ: Immediately resign all alleged "elected" and appointed elected members of the Service Councils

They have no legitimacy from the industry to represent him!

The Ministry of Education despite the repeated remarks and objections of OLME and ELME, proceeded to the elections-parody of November 7 2020 for the election of the elected representatives of the branch in the Service Councils by electronic voting………

Our position, compiled with the positions of OLME, was clearly stated stating that, in pandemic conditions, without the possibility of lively collective processes that are a prerequisite in any electoral process, the only solution was to postpone the elections, the extension of the term of office of the current elected officials, and conduct them at a time permitted by circumstances, with life process and ballot boxes.

The overwhelming result of the "elections" of November 7, where the participation rates of teachers in them were single digit number, showed in a clear way the complete disapproval of this choice of the Ministry by the branch. We clearly believe that these "elections" do not produce any legal effect. Ms. Minister on the contrary, continuing the same unprecedented anti-democratic practice, recently declared elected with minimal votes, to all Service Councils (ΠΥΣΔΕ, ΑΠΥΣΔΕ, KYSDE).

Specifically in the Cyclades it is at least "graphic" and it is unfair for colleagues who have been elected by a percentage of his class to accept their placement in the Service Councils. 11% of colleagues, having received 80, 20, even 8 crosses from them 1500 colleagues serving in the Cyclades. Such moves prove a clear "factor", ignore the intentions and will of the industry and the colleagues who choose their appointment put themselves virtually out of federation and out of unions!

Once again the industry united will respond to government authoritarianism.

1. We invite them to submit their resignations (even now) in the D.D.E.. Cyclades, all and all colleagues, which appear as "elected" from the parody elections of November 7 and have been appointed as elected representatives in the PYSDE of Cyclades (regular and alternate)

2. No colleague should accept his appointment as either elected, or as an appointed member of a body that does not legally represent the teaching profession.

3. We ask for the extension of the term of the elected, as was the case in all trade unions, until the dangers of the pandemic disappear, and be realized elections for life when health conditions allow.

For the Board
Ο Πρόεδρος Η Γενική Γραμματέας
Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου Σοφία Κουτίδου

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