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Education policy - Α΄ ELME Cyclades: In the midst of a pandemic, education departments fire colleagues with three-month contracts! Shame!

– Do not dismiss any fellow deputy three-month contract
– Protest in the Cyclades DDE on Thursday 21 January

Ministry of Education and Directorates of Education at the same time they do not have take no action, for so many months, for the safe operation of schools, they are racing to get what they can from their anti-education and anti-labor plans………

After enacting them quarterly contracts of substitute teachers overnight, after passing the provision for recruitment of deputies by the respective Director of Education within the Vocational Education bill, now he comes to bring the dismissals as well, where the Director decides each time. According with a circular sent by the Ministry of Education, the Directors of Education are called be especially careful, as they themselves will have to evaluate, as representatives of the public, if there are still reasons for the three-month recruitment. So, they will have to judge for themselves "After careful evaluation" whether the reasons for the recruitment still exist, otherwise proceed to the EXPIRATION of the contract (dismissal) of colleagues!

So, according to complaints from colleagues, there are cases where the Directorates are preparing to dismiss deputies with a three-month contract, because it covered a gap resulting from a maternity leave, which is converted into a sergeant leave or because for various reasons no vacancy appears. They have no trace of shame!

Unemployed colleagues who have left their homes to find a living wage, intensifying insecurity in their lives and leaving students without teachers in such a difficult period, like that of the pandemic. At the same time, the insecurity of unemployment leads colleagues who are happy to have a child, not to be able to rejoice in it and be afraid to state it, lest the Management "evaluate" that their contract does not need to be renewed!

Respectively, in many municipalities, contract cleaners are fired. Shame!

At the same time that they lay off education workers and do not take any measures for safety and hygiene in schools they have no problem giving extra 3,5 billion for NATO equipment, they have no problem giving 30 million for recruitment 1000 police officers for university policing, to give dozens of shit to business groups.



We proceed to a protest in the Cyclades DDE in Syros, on Thursday 21 January on 13:30 and we claim:

  • No dismissal of a deputy - contracted colleague.
  • Equality of all rights (working, insurance, license) between permanent and substitute teachers.
  • Support measures (housing, feeding, movement) all colleagues working away from their place of permanent residence.
  • Fill in all the gaps in the schools here and now!
  • Permanent position of all deputy teachers working in recent years in Education.

For the Board
Ο Πρόεδρος Η Γενική Γραμματέας
Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου Σοφία Κουτίδου

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