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Education Policy: The 8 changes that apply to the High School from the current school year 2020-21

When is the student promoted to the next grade?!! When is he referred for September?!! Management Instructions for High School Mathematics for the School Year 2020-2021…..

Οκτώ αλλαγές ισχύουν από το τρέχον σχολικό έτος 2020-21 for all three classes of the Gymnasium.

particularly, these are the following changes:

1. Διδασκόμενα μαθήματα – groups courses

The courses taught in the High School are classified into three (3) groups as follows:

a) The first group (Group A) includes courses as follows:

Group A.

aa) Modern Greek Language and Literature, namely Language Teaching and Modern Greek Literature.

ab) Ancient Greek language and secretariat, namely Ancient Greek Language and Ancient Greek Texts from Translation.

ac) History.

ad) Mathematics.

ae) physics.

ast) Biology.

az) English.

b) The second group (Group B) includes courses as follows:

Group B

ba) Geology and Geography.

BB) Chemistry.

BC) Social and Political Education.

bd) Religious.

βε) Second foreign language.

βστ) Technology - Informatics.

βζ) Household economy.

c) OR third group (Group C) includes courses as follows:

γα) Music-Art.

γβ) Physical education.".

2. Hourly Written Tests

Στα μαθήματα της Ομάδας Α′ και της Ομάδας Β′ ( of the above cases a and b, respectively), διενεργείται μία (1) hourly written test during the first four months and one (1) during the second four months.

During the second four months, the teacher of group B can choose, instead of holding hour written test in some part or some parts, the award of a synthetic minor creative work to the students of the department or departments.

Especially for the Informatics course, κατά τη διάρκεια του πρώτου τετραμήνου διενεργείται μία (1) ωριαία γραπτή δοκιμασία και κατά τη διάρκεια του δεύτερου τετραμήνου δεν διενεργείται ωριαία γραπτή δοκιμασία, αλλά ανατίθεται σε κάθε μαθητή η εκπόνηση συνθετικής δημιουργικής εργασίας μικρής έκτασης.

Στα μαθήματα της Ομάδας Γ′ (Μουσική-Καλλιτεχνικά-Φυσική Αγωγή) δεν διενεργείται καμιά ωριαία γραπτή δοκιμασία.

3. Written promotional and graduation exams

Οι γραπτές προαγωγικές και απολυτήριες εξετάσεις στα μαθήματα της Ομάδας Αδιεξάγονται σε εξεταστική περίοδο που διαρκεί από την 1η έως την 15η Ιουνίου».

4. Διάρκεια γραπτών εξετάσεων

The duration of the written promotional and graduation exams is two hours for all the examined courses, in addition to the courses of Modern Greek Language and Literature and Ancient Greek Language and Secretariat, of which the two respective branches, Language Teaching-Modern Greek Literature and Ancient Greek Language-Ancient Greek Texts by Translation, are examined in a three-hour examination.

5. The way the exams are conducted

By decision of the Minister of Education and Religions, which is issued on the recommendation of the Institute of Educational Policy, determines the manner and content of the three-hour examination of the course of the Ancient Greek Language and Secretariat, the way the topics are formulated and the way the essays are graded, as well as any other issues related to this examination. ".

6 Absent from the exams

a) A student who is justifiably absent from a written summative examination due to illness confirmed in accordance with the provisions or due to another serious impediment judged by the Teachers' Association to constitute force majeure, at the request of the guardian or himself, if he is an adult, submitted to the High School Principal, considered another day until 30 June, which is determined by a decision of the Teachers' Association. The provisions of the previous paragraph also apply to students who leave after the announcement of the topics of the exams due to sudden and obvious illness, which is certified in accordance with the provisions provided.

b) Μαθητές που δεν προσέρχονται σε εξέταση την ημέρα που ορίζεται με απόφαση του Συλλόγου των Διδασκόντων, due to serious health problems certified in accordance with the prescribed provisions or severe disability judged by the Teachers Association to constitute force majeure, have the opportunity to take re-examinations before the start of classes in September, in the second examination period, and to be examined in writing in all the courses of Group A.’ were not examined. For these students the Teachers' Association does not issue a result at the end of June. In this case, the students' guardians or the students themselves, if they are adults, file a solemn declaration, to the Director of the relevant High School within two (2) days from the publication of the results. The responsible statement states that these students will be examined in the examination period of September. ".

7. When is the student promoted to the next grade?- Reference for September

Pupils can be promoted or graduate,

aa) when every degree course yearly performance at least ten (10) or

ab) when it has an overall average annual performance score of at least thirteen (13).

b) Unless these conditions are met for promotion or graduation, the student is referred to the first ten days of September, before the start of the next school year, that is, in the second examination period, on retest in courses with an annual grade point average of less than ten (10), provided that the number of such courses does not exceed four (4). If the above conditions of promotion or dismissal are not met and the student has an annual performance grade of less than ten (10) in more than four (4) lessons, then he is not considered worthy of promotion or dismissal, does not refer to a re-examination and repeats the class.

c) For the lessons of Group A, the re-examinations are oral and written. The Principal of the school forms a two-member committee of teachers of the school who have in the first or in second assignment the examined subject, which conducts oral and written examinations. The oral examination prior written.

Για τα μαθήματα της Ομάδας Β′ και της Ομάδας Γ′ οι επαναληπτικές εξετάσεις είναι προφορικές. The Principal of the school forms a two-member committee of teachers of the school who have in the first or in second assignment the examined subject, which conducts the examinations.

d) Αν και μετά τις επαναληπτικές εξετάσεις μαθητής της Α′ και Β′ τάξης δεν κριθεί άξιος προαγωγής ή μαθητής της Γ′ τάξης δεν κριθεί άξιος απόλυσης , repeats the class.

8. Τα νέα Ωρολόγια Προγράμματα

The timetables of the courses of A ', Β’ και Γ’ τάξεων του Ημερησίου και Εσπερινού Γυμνασίου, which will take effect from the following school year 2020-2021, They are as follows:

Daily High School

The schedule of A ', Β’ και Γ’ τάξεων του Ημερησίου Γυμνασίου, as follows:

* Italian is taught (alongside French and German) in the Gymnasiums in which the teachers of PE34 are placed from the school year 2016-2017 permanently or temporarily.

Evening High School

The schedule of A ', Β’ και Γ’ τάξεων του Εσπερινού Γυμνασίου, as follows:

High School Math Management Instructions for the School Year 2020-2021

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