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Education: How Kindergartens Will Work From September - All Data

The Ministry of Education with a relevant circular determines the detailed operation of the country's kindergartens. The data that teachers and parents need to know is presented…….

The decision includes the following sections:

Kindergarten schedules, the distribution of parts, informing the myschool information system, teachers' schedule, the compensatory-supportive institutions, training actions, school health and building infrastructure issues, kindergarten affiliates, the planning of operation of an optional all-day program with the operating conditions.

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The Timetables of Kindergartens

a) The Timetables of Kindergartens are drafted based on the chapter. B, of the article 11, of PD 79/2017 (GG 109 A), as amended and in force by the article 23 of Law. 4559/2018 Government Gazette 142A. Depending on the specific conditions, the daily educational program can be adapted by the Kindergarten Teachers, after cooperation with the relevant Head of Educational Affairs ch. B, Fri.. 3, of the article 11, of PD 79/2017 (Government Gazette 109A) as amended and in force by the article 23 of Law. 4559/2018 Government Gazette 142A.

b) Private kindergartens follow the current curriculum and timetable of the respective types of public schools (No. 4, Paragraph 1, law's 682/1977- Government Gazette 244A). Deviation from the above is allowed according to the provisions of par.2, of the article 4, of Law. 682/1977, as amended by paragraph. 2 of article. 28 of Law. 4415/2016 (Government Gazette 159A) and supplemented by art. 56 of Law. 4472/2017 (Government Gazette 74A).

Distribution of departments

According to par. 4 of the article 40 n. 4589/2019 (Government Gazette 13A)and par. 1, of the article 50 of Law. 4692/2020 (Α΄111) kindergartens, depending on the number of organic positions of kindergarten teachers, are single or multi-seat. The minimum number of students / three per class is:

a) fifteen (15) students for two-seat and upper kindergartens and

b) five (5) students in remote school units, inaccessible and border areas or areas with access difficulties or areas that require transportation / movement of students, in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

The maximum number of students / three per department in the kindergarten according to the provisions of the article 6, Fri.. 2, (PD79 / 2017 Government Gazette 109A) as amended by paragraph. 1, of the article 50 of Law. 4692/2020 (Α΄111) is set at twenty-five (25).

It should be noted that if the number of applications for infants / toddlers for registration exceeds them 25 students per section apply what is provided in the article 6 Fri.. 4d of Presidential Decree 79/2017 (GG A 109) as amended by par. 2, of the article 50 of Law. 4692/2020 (Α΄111).

Specifically: «D) In the case where it is not possible to form departments according to the provisions of par. 2, by decision of the Regional Director of Education, Following a reasoned suggestion by the Director of Primary Education on the relevant request of the Head of the school unit, an additional department is established., if there is a room available at the school. If there is no room available, the Head of the school unit sends a table with the names of the infant-preschoolers who live within the school district of the kindergarten with the school districts of neighboring kindergartens to the Primary School Principal..

The Director of Primary Education distributes the toddlers from the board to the neighboring kindergartens, taking into account the distance of the kindergartens from the residence address of the pre-infants-infants that has been declared. Preschoolers who are siblings or siblings of students attending the same or co-kindergarten or co-primary school are excluded from the above procedure.. The Director of Primary Education informs parents and guardians about enrollment kindergartens. The above procedure is completed by June 10 of each year. "

particularly, for the current school year and according to sub. No. 66315/D1 / 1-06-2020 relevant circular of the Ministry of Education, The completion date of the above procedure is Monday 22 June 2020. b) For the distribution of students in the departments of the morning compulsory program, criteria such as age should be taken into account (infants - infants) and students' special educational needs, with the aim of having a balanced and equal distribution of students in the departments.

c) It is pointed out that until Wednesday 24 June 2020 The number of students in the departments of the morning compulsory program and in the departments of the optional all-day program in all kindergartens must have been finalized and sent to the relevant DIPE.

d) In private kindergartens, the number of infants is indicated in the Ministerial Decision granting their license, in conjunction with the provision of paragraph 2 of the article 6 PD. 79/2017 (Government Gazette 109A), as replaced by the provision of par. 1, of the article 50 of Law. 4692/2020 (Α΄111).
The Ministerial Decision granting the kindergarten license includes the increase of the percentage 10%, as set out in paragraph 3 of the article 14 of Law. 682/1977(Government Gazette 244A).
For the minimum number of registered infants in Private Kindergartens, the number with. prot. 11761/D1 / 15-7-2016 circular of the Ministry of Education to all Directorates of Primary Education of the country.

Informing the myschool information system

a) The detailed records of kindergarten enrollment for the school year 2020-2021 are registered under the responsibility of their Heads, in the Register Book and in the relevant fields of the myschool Information System after the activation of the new school year 2020-2021 in this.

b) Since the school year 2020-2021 and until the school year 2029-2030, the number of Student Register Book, Primary and Kindergartens, will be the number 2020, which will remain the same throughout the decade. The above numbers will be given automatically by the myschool information system.

It is reminded that according to par. 1a of ch. A of the article 20 of PD 79/2017 (Α΄ 109), The current Student Register book will close at the end of the school year 2019- 2020. Since the school year 2019-2020 From now on, the Student Register Book closes every decade.

c) It is pointed out that in kindergartens, under the responsibility of their Heads, in the field of the myschool information system, the name / surname of the school should be written in capital letters without the definitions "classic" and "all-day" (eg 1st ATHENS KINDERGARTEN).

d) Because errors have been found in the mapping of the geographical location of the school units, Kindergarten teachers should update the coordinates of the school's geographical location in the field of myschool information system to 19 June 2020.

e) Recall that in accordance with Article 7 of 3848/2010 (Government Gazette 71A) and a number. 149084 /GD4 / 8-9-2017 circular on "Registration of data in myschool Information Systems and Integrated Information Management System (O.P.SY.D.)», in order to capture the operation of each school unit, It is necessary to register in the myschool Information System, definitely on a daily basis when there are changes, each change item (student staff or teaching staff).

f) Heads of school units are invited to update the myschool Information System, the data concerning the Municipality to which the school unit belongs, in cases where it has been fragmented.

g) According to 132524 / Δ1 / 25-10-2012, 171490/D2 / 12-11-2013 “the update of the registration of the necessary data takes place on the 1st and 15th of each month. In case no item has been differentiated on the specific dates, then again the Supervisor updates the already registered data. This update is done by selecting "data confirmation".

Teachers' Hours

The teaching schedule of kindergarten teachers is determined by the no. 127187/E1 / 19-08-2016 (Government Gazette 2524B) Ministerial Decision "Determination of teaching hours for teachers serving in kindergartens". It is pointed out that the Headmasters of the kindergartens make sure that all the teachers fully cover their teaching hours.. Regarding working hours, in no case is the relevant provision of the law violated 1566/1985 (Government Gazette 167A), article 13, Fri.. 8, as supplemented by Article 245 of Law. 4512/2018 (Government Gazette 5A), according to which the teacher is not obliged to stay in school beyond (6) six hours a day or thirty (30) hours a week.

Compensatory - Supportive Institutions

For the study and support of students / three with special educational needs as well as for issues concerning the organization and operation of the Integration Departments of Kindergartens, the provisions of this article shall apply 6 as applicable, of Law. 3699/2008 (Government Gazette 199A) "Special Education and Training for Persons with Disabilities or Special Educational Needs", in the U.S.. 27922/C6 / 8-3-2007 (Government Gazette 449B) "Determination of the special duties and responsibilities of the teaching staff, serving in special education schools and integration departments ", as amended and in force with ΥΑ 48275 / Δ3 / 28-3-2019(Government Gazette 1088B) and error correction (Government Gazette 1388B) "Amendment of the 27922 / C6 / 8-3-2007 ministerial decision (Government Gazette 449B »), in the U.S.. 17812/C6 / 12-2-2014 (Government Gazette 315B) "Legal establishment of EDEAW and determination of the special duties of these members and coordinators", in par. 5 of the article 82 of Law 4368/2016 (Government Gazette 21A) "Measures to speed up government work and other provisions", in the article 11 of L.4452 / 2017(Government Gazette 17A) "Regulation of issues of the State Certificate of Language Proficiency, of the National Library of Greece and other provisions "in YA 172877 / Δ3 / 17-10-2016" Determination of design process, implementation and evaluation of co-education programs » (Government Gazette 3561B), as amended by Y.A 10537 / Δ3 / 14-02-2019 (Government Gazette 431B).

In the cases of par. 10 of the article 12 of PD 79/2017 (Government Gazette 109A) belong to those students whose parents / guardians request early departure or late attendance at the school program for reasons of medical support or therapeutic intervention, following a certificate from a public body, from which arises the need for the above absence and its exact time. noted, that both the body issuing the certificate, as well as the body implementing the therapeutic intervention or medical support must be public bodies.

Training actions

The Coordinators of the Educational Project of Primary Education and E.A.E.. organize and implement training meetings (pedagogical meetings, workshops and seminars) of the teachers of the schools of their Region, as defined in the article 17 of PD 79/2017 (Government Gazette 109A) as amended and in force by the article 23 of Law. 4559/2018 (Government Gazette 142A).

School hygiene and building infrastructure issues

Regional Education Directors and Training Executives must work with the relevant bodies (Local Government etc.), so that at the beginning of the school year the necessary conditions for the smooth operation of the school units have been ensured..

Before the end of the academic year, in a meeting of the Association of Teachers, the problems concerning the material and technical infrastructure of the school unit are recorded and forwarded to the competent service of the relevant Municipality and to the relevant Directorate of Primary Education., so that with the start of the new school year the appropriate operating conditions of the kindergartens have been ensured (building infrastructure, security, aesthetics and hygiene of spaces, equipment).

Kindergarten branches

For the operation of kindergarten branches, what is defined in the article applies 73, of Law. 3518/2006 (Government Gazette 272A), according to which “At the end of par. 6, of the article 3, of Law 1566/1985 (Government Gazette 167A) a subsection is added as follows: In areas where the conditions for establishing a kindergarten are not met, it is possible, by decision of the Minister of National Education and Religions, following a recommendation from the relevant Regional Service Council, to operate a branch of the nearest kindergarten to it ".

For better organization and planning, suggestions from the Directorates of Primary Education through the Regional Directorates of Education will be accepted until 30 June of the current school year.

The required supporting documents for the issuance of the relevant decision are::

• Relevant Act of the relevant PYSPE.
• Opinion of the Municipal Council regarding the assumption of the operating costs of the branch by the relevant Municipality in,as far as he is concerned (operating costs as well as maintenance costs).
• Justified Presentation of the Primary Education Directorate (from which among others, it will appear that the operation of the branch will not burden the budget, for example by hiring an additional deputy).
• Reasoned Proposal of the Regional Directorate of Education.

Operational planning of Optional All-Day Program - Operating conditions

According to the article 11 ch. B, of PD 79/2017 (Government Gazette 109A) as amended and in force by the article 23 of Law. 4559/2018 (Government Gazette 142A) in all Unified Press All-day Kindergartens it is possible to operate All-Day Program with the following conditions:

i. In 1 / seat kindergartens the minimum number for the operation of the All-Day Program is 5 students (infants / toddlers).

ii. In 2 / seat kindergartens, the minimum number for the operation of the All-Day Program is 10 students (infants / toddlers).

iii. In 3 / places and above kindergartens, the minimum number for the All-Day Program is 14 students (infants / toddlers). When the number of students in the All-Day Program is lower than the number provided above, then the operation of the department is suspended, by decision of the Director of Education.

iv. Please note that the minimum number 5 does not apply to 1 / seat co-located kindergartens. The co-located kindergartens form joint sections of an optional all-day program.

v. in kindergartens, where the need for premature arrival of infants / toddlers is found, an early reception unit may be set up (7:45-8:30). In this department, infants / toddlers who are registered and study in the all-day program have the right to participate.. The minimum number for the operation of the department is 5 infants / toddlers. Co-located kindergartens form common sections of early reception.

we. If selected by the parents / guardians of the students / three, the optional all-day program, the opening hours and the compulsory nature of the study are observed throughout the period of participation in it and the premature departure of infants / toddlers from the All-Day Program is not allowed.. In case the student completes more than 15 absences in the all-day program in one month, which are not justified by a medical opinion, his study in the all-day program is interrupted.

vii. Within the first five days of each month, under the responsibility of the Head of the school unit, is drafted and sent to the relevant Directorate of P.E.. Detailed status of students / three in the All-Day Program and in the Department of Early Reception, which is also notified to the relevant Coordinator of the Educational Project.

viii. With the start of the school year 2020-2021, the Association of Kindergarten Teachers decides how to organize and operate the 1st teaching hour of the all-day program (meal / meal preparation) students of the All-Day program. The school board may recommend to the teachers' association the framework of the material and technical organization of the meal process.. This lesson can help to develop healthy eating habits necessary for the individual development and health of children and on the other hand to contribute positively to the strengthening of social skills of all students.. Special issues related to the implementation of the activity, are dealt with by the Association of Teachers within the framework set out in the existing provisions.

The entire relevant decision of the Ministry of Education

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