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Call Education Primary and Secondary Education: Instructions of the Ministry for the proper application of call – What applies [Circular]

Instructions for the proper application of call for teachers in primary schools and secondary education!!

Circular with instructions and επισήμανση της αυστηρής τήρησης των, for call of Primary and Secondary Education, for the proper implementation of the call issued by the Ministry of Education to primary school and secondary school units…….

The on call must exercise due care in the performance of their duties, preventive and intervening to avoid activities that may endanger the safety of students

In detail, the Ministry of Education guidelines are as follows:

  • The call falling in mandatory duties of teachers, who are responsible for the surveillance and protection of pupils.
  • THE Teachers' Association organizes the allocation of tasks to members.
  • especially in Secondary Education Deputy Director of the school shall prepare the program for supervisors of the day in collaboration with lecturers and depending on the spatial specifics of schools and their special features and is responsible for the implementation of.
  • THE Director of schools is in any way responsible and accountable for the strict observance of the above.
  • in primary education apply the specific provisions of Articles 12 and 18 of PD 79/2017 (GG 109 / A / 01.08.2017) as amended by Law. 4559/18 (GG 142 / A / 03.08.2018) article 23, and that referred to the operation of Circular elementary Schools for the school year 2019- 2020 by number. prot. 136712/D1 / 05.09.2019 (SAA O3YN4653PS-TLPS) and to circular function kindergartens for the school year 2019-2020 by number. prot. 136727/D1 / 05.09.2019 (appointing OTHKX4653PS- XI2) namely:

    «1. The call for the oversight of students during their attendance and dropout, time breaks, care for and protect their physical integrity, check the cleanliness of school premises and anything related to the health and safety of students.

    2. The organization of call in each school included in the minutes of the Teachers' Association at which regulated matters concerning school grounds supervised, the number of teachers on duty, the duties and responsibilities, on call during the day-long program or when prevailing adverse weather conditions. To regulate these issues and in particular to define the number of teachers on duty are taken into account organicity school, the number of students, The extent and specificity of school space and overall the special characteristics of the school.

    3. In many-schools (4 / Thesia over) They are on duty and on call program defined at the beginning of the school year by an act of the Teachers' Association. The development of on-call program, which includes the call to the Day Program, made by decision of the Teachers' Association at the proposal of the Director of the school or Assistant Director, who also supervises the call throughout the school year. The program-call posted on the bulletin board of education staff and submitted to the Head of Educational Affairs.

    4. The call does not belong to the compulsory extra curricular services as defined in paragraph. 8 of the article 13 of Law. 1566/1985 (A 167) and the obligation to exercise its exempt only the Director and the Deputy Director. In exceptional cases, by decision of the Teachers' Association, may be exempt from the teacher call, where it is found that there is justification for the failure to perform these tasks by the teacher.

    5. Emergency card replacement or replenishment duty education and change of day call is made only by the Director or Deputy Director of the school. any replacement, replenishment and call change documented logbook School Life.

    6. Teachers who complete their schedule two (2) schools make only one call, to one in which they teach more hours. Function call is not assigned to teachers who teach in three more schools, when at least one of these functions in a separate building. Co-location schools regarding the competence of the call considered as a school.

    7. In multigrade schools, kindergartens and primary schools (1/THESIA, 2/THESIA 3 / THESIA) on call are those defined under the procedure of this Article.

    8. Schools that are associated in accordance with Article 19 establish common table on duty, that all the band teachers, regardless of the school they belong, to carry the same number of weekly call. The monitoring is done without distinction to all students, regardless of the school they attend.

    9. Responsible for the supervision of students during the teaching period is the teacher who teaches the particular time. The teacher enters the room with the students after the end of the lesson emerging from this when all students have left, accompanying students in the courtyard.

    10. The departure of students takes place at the end of the teaching hours of class. Withdrawal student from school before the end of the teaching hours only in exceptional cases and if all necessary measures have been taken for the security of (information and opinion conformity parents or guardians, ensure escorting students with parental responsibility).»

    The Ministry of Education σημειώνει ότι:

    A. The call is not subject to the additional work of Article. 13 Fri.. 8 of Law. 1566/85 (GG 167 A'), as replaced by Articles. 245 of Law. 4512/2018 (GG 5 A') and, consequently, These cover the mandatory duties of teachers and should not be neglected.

    B. Clubs Teachers ensure the necessary number on duty, to cover adequately all areas of schools by on call.

    C. The call may be charged to more teachers the same day rotation, sufficient to ensure continuous and uninterrupted surveillance and protection of pupils.

    D. Principals / Assistant school units provide for replenishment of on duty when required.

    E. The on call must exercise due care in the performance of their duties, preventive and intervening to avoid activities that may endanger the safety of students.

    Z. Principals of schools are responsible for the correct application of the above.

    The Circular

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