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Sudden withdrawal of Stamatis ring by AO Mykonos - New shocks in team management

Resignation "bomb" in the foundations of AO Mykonos from "gold" sponsor of the team and top sports agent Cyclades.
According to reports, one of the most powerful businessmen in Mykonos, well-known to all of us, Stamatis ring sent today to the administration of AO. Mykonos resignation………

Stamatis ring was for many years one of the economic lungs of the football team in both infrastructure segments and the male group, hard times for the season.

The reason for the resignation has not yet made its appearance, However, according to exclusive information of the owner TROPICANA CLUB leaves pained, disappointed and betrayed by the agents with whom he collaborated and offered all these years.

This development is a major administrative crisis It comes and freeze on grants, at coaches payments, at clothing, tournament sponsorship, tournament trips, tickets and diet players, which had undertaken personally Mykoniatis businessman.

Note that Stamatis ring had undertaken entirely and the reconstruction of the open gym basketball in Korfos.

It is a blow to both the Mykonian soccer and football in the Cyclades, as it contributed greatly to the strengthening of Mykonian sports and social-cultural events.

The latest information indicates that the withdrawal is due to any question relating to the basketball club and that was intense disagreement.

One option that will be discussed intensely in sports Cycladic ....


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