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Thank Alexander Kouka Executive Director Waste Management and Construction Engineering

Thanks also the deputy mayors, the President of the Municipal Council and all municipal Dymvoulous for the excellent cooperation.

I would also like to thank the people who support me all these years and would like to continue to be close to me and without hesitation I addressed individually for every problem it finds that to make the best possible solution.

With the support and understanding You are giving me strength and I give my best and to do our best for this place.

The next 2,5 years my goal is to refine the operation of the cleaning sector.

I want to clarify that I intend to keep my offer in material and financial terms as do so many years and seem worthy of your expectations.

I am very proud confidence you have shown me in this very crucial part of the municipality operation.

Yours sincerely

The Head Cleaning

Alekos Koukas (Alekaras)

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