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Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

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He left his life by internationally renowned sculptor Takis

One of the most important figures of Greek and world art scene, Champion kinetics art, the sculptor Takis left his life at the age 94 years…….

A great personality of the contemporary art scene, a visionary art, researcher and inventor.

in Gerovouno, his creation, his last breath at the age 94 years Takis, a major figure in 20th century art with international radiation.

This season, η Tate Modern τιμά το έργο και την παρουσία του με την μεγαλύτερη έκθεση που έχει γίνει ποτέ με έργα του στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, amassing over 70 projects, which including rare installation Magnetic Fields, musical devices that create coordinated and random sounds, and forests of the features of Signals.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art sceneIn addition to 70 year career, by Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis, gen.1925) created some of the most innovative arts of the 20th century.

A sculptor magnetism, light and sound, seeking substantial poetry and beauty of the electromagnetic universe.

The Takis was one of the most innovative artistic voices in Europe since the 60s and an innovative personality.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

The Foundation's announcement

With deep sadness the Takis Foundation announces the loss of international sculptor Panayiotis Vassilakis, known as Taki.

A true pioneer, revolutionary and legend. Will be forever unforgettable.

A productive and creative mind, whose ingenuity, passion and imagination was limitless, Takis explored many artistic and scientific horizons, as including music and theater, and redefined the boundaries in art.

Thanks to the multi-dimensional creative genius, his generosity and his extraordinary intuition, Takis was ahead of its time, which contributed to the international success. Today, We lost all an excellent spirit.

The Takis Foundation expresses the members of his family, relatives and friends our deepest condolences.

The greatest tribute we can pay today is to continue to follow the visionary path, where -parathetontas the words of Taki- "Everything is mind and move ', so as to perpetuate the unique heritage.

Thank you respect the privacy needed at such a time.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

The life and work of

Panayiotis Vassilakis, known worldwide as TAKIS, It is one of the most important figures of Greek and world art scene.

Leading kinetics art, unfolded his artistic flair at the conclusion of World War imposed offering a different approach kinetic art.

Self-taught artist of conviction, He managed to create an unbreakable connection between art and science, combining elements of nature and the natural sculpture of.

The Takis as "Tireless laborer magnetic fields ..." It continues to this day to experiment and create kinetic artworks that have inspired painters, generation of sculptors and poets and contemporaries.

Born in 1925 in Athens. His childhood and adolescence marked by successive wars from which Greece suffered as the German and Italian occupation and the Civil War.

The economic prosperity of his family had been affected by the 1922, ie the period of the Asia Minor disaster.

Starts artistic career at the age of about 20 years, despite the fact that his family did not accept his inclination towards the arts, in a basement workshop, when it comes into contact with the works of Picasso and Giacometti.

The 1952 creates his first studio with childhood friends and artists Minos Argyraki and Raymond in the region Anakasia.

The first works of Taki is plaster busts and sculptures wrought iron and inspired by ancient culture but also by artists such as Picasso and Giacometti.

In late 1953 departs for Paris. The 1954, reaching Paris falls for a few months at the Atelier Brancusi.

Approximately three years to travel and lives between Paris and London, where inspired and created his first kinetic works.

Entyposiasmenos from radar, antennas and technological constructs that adorn the train station in Calais, France, εμπνέεται και δημιουργεί τα πρώτα του Σινιάλα, which while in office are rigid and have light signals to the top, gradually changing shape.

In the top placed fireworks through which performs various street art happenings in Paris squares, gain flexibility, decorated with so called «objets trouvés», swaying due to wind and breath when knocking each other produce unique sounds giving a feeling of vibration of the strings and the melody of the harp.

From 1955 and by the end of 1965 by Takis, as an artistic genius since then, experimenting with all elements of the environment and nature that surround us, but we are unable to identify with the naked eye.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art sceneThese data will form the basis of his artistic career and exploration as well thanks to these distinguished, stand out and innovate.

Explores the magnetic forces and energy of magnetic fields which form one of the foundations of the work of the artistic research. Experimenting with electricity, sound and light like other artists of his generation of Neo-Realists of decade 1960 in Paris.

So, through art makes visible all invisible elements.

Influenced by everything mentioned but also by cosmic forces and the communication with the beyond and creates Tileglypta Tilepinakes, Tilefos, Dial, Musical.

At that time he travels quite often in all the major artistic and metropolitan centers of the world. A typical example is his first trip to the US 1961 knows where the later friend of Marcel Duchamp.

Milestone of this period is the 1960, when Takis performs the performance L'Impossible - Homme dans l'Espace (The Impossible - The Man in Space) in collaboration with his friend South African poet Sinclair Beiles.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art sceneThe performance took place in Iris Clert gallery in Paris, during which the Sinclair Beiles read the famous magnetic manifesto:

"I'm sculpture ... There are other sculptures like me. The main difference is that they can not speak ... I want to see all the nuclear bombs on Earth transformed into sculptures ... " and "Blown air" instantaneous swinging of the magnetic field of a magnet attached to the belt.

The 1968 moved to Massachusetts where invited scholarship as a researcher at the University of MIT and more specifically by the Center for Advanced Visual Studies.

There he creates a series of sculptures Electromagnetic.

Studying the hydraulic energy and gives form to the conception of Hydrodynamics title Marine Oscillation, while inspired a series of sculptures Ydromagnitika.

Radical and subversive, It co-founded that time the Union Art Workers Coalition to defend the rights of artists against their exploitation by the gallery, the artists curators and museums.

Feature is the fact eformisi at the Museum of Modern Art in order to withdraw a work before he safety of the Museum react.

The symbolic move made headlines in New York Times.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

The 1974, having now returned again to Paris, ξεκινά να δημιουργεί τα Ερωτικά του γλυπτά.

"The force of attraction is the common denominator of magnetism and eroticism. In 1974, Takis actually riding in a series of bronzes made from castings " (Takis, monographies, Erotic, p.203).

The 1986 returning to Greece he founded the Research Center for Art and Science (THIS) Gerovouno in Attica, whose official inauguration carried the 1993.

Being multifaceted artist, επιβάλλεται με την περίφημη Τέταρτη Διάσταση, an invisible force created by the magnetic fields that surround us and diffused in space.

Although recognized for kinetic sculptures, Takis the pioneer in the creation stage, music editing plays and performances.

Typical examples are the partnerships with Costas Gavras for his film Section Speciale (special Court) the 1975, με τον Μιχάλη Κακογιάνη για την παράσταση Ηλέκτρα του Σοφοκλή στο αρχαίο θέατρο της Επιδαύρου το 1983 καθώς και την παράσταση Τρωάδες, with the Nam June Paik 1979, με τη Joelle Léandre και τη χορεύτρια Μάρθα Ζιώγα για την performance με τίτλο Ligne Parallèle Erotique (Parallel Love Line) the 1986 and by Barbara Mavrothalassitis for performance «Isis Awakening» (The awakening of Isis) the 1990.

In total, throughout the course of his career, The Takis continues to explore the boundaries and intersections of artistic and scientific understanding, and music, sounds and especially the images are moving.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

Artist modern and innovative, The Takis follow an artistic path that is exposed to the four corners of the world, rooted in a sculptural tradition that ranges from ancient Greek sculpture, the Giacometti and reach the technological objects and constructs of modern times.

His works adorn the permanent collections of the greatest museums of the world such as the Contemporary Art Center George Pompidou in Paris, MOMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the De Menil Collection in Houston, the Tate Modern in London, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

In France, Museum Jeu de Paume, the Palais de Tokyo and the Fondation Maeght have organized large retrospective exhibitions dedicated to the artist. His work is also exposed to the UNESCO gardens in Paris and the district of La Défense, where the French government gives the highest public space ever given in the history of Paris to artist, 3500 τμ για ένα «δάσος» από 49 Φωτεινά Σινιάλα.

He has also participated twice in Documenta in Kassel, once at the Venice Biennale and the 1985 at the Biennale of Paris where he was awarded first prize.

The 2001, the European Parliament attaches to K.E.T.E. honorary award for his contribution to the artist in the field of renewable energy sources for his works entitled Electric Drums.

, Died the sculptor Takis, Champion kinetics art, the global art scene

On the hill Gerovouno!! The magnetic kingdom of Taki!!

the Gerovouno

The sculptor TAKIS, the 1964 buys an area of ​​about 10 acre hill Gerovouno, which is located at the foot of Mount Parnitha height 175 measures, 19 meters taller than the Acropolis.

It is a separate point location for it in the past was called the Holy Mountain.

Prompted by the strong magnetic fields of the hill, TAKIS starts the construction work of a charitable organization for the promotion of art and science.

The Research Center for the Arts and Sciences (K.E.T.E.), as it is now known, founded in 1986, while officially inaugurated the 1993.

"There is no visitor in K.E.T.E., which not felt this magnetic stand given by the body space ', emphasizes the artist.

The Foundation has since Takis is the birthplace of the artistic and research work of the artist.

The main areas of the Foundation is the Museum, theater", Gardens and Atelier by Takis who boast features works from all periods of his artistic career and friends of works of Greek and foreign artists.

* Βιογραφία του από το takisfoundation.org

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