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Inaugurated direct flights Athens – Riyadh by Saudi Arabian Airlines

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They began direct flights to Athens from Riyadh by Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) launched Wednesday, 5 June. On the route will run 4 direct flights, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday……..

The first flight of Saudia Athens International Airport welcomed senior representatives from the administration of the airport, official guests from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Athens, representatives of the international sales department of Saudia, and Greek representatives from Intermodal Air.

Athens International Airport welcomed the first flight holiday with traditional water arch on the track of the airport.

The SV flight 191 departed from Riyadh on 09:35 and arrived in Athens after a flight lasting four hours in 13:35.

On the previous day of the first flight, Saudia and the Athens International Airport hosted a reception and dinner for travel agents, celebrating the launch of new direct flights.

Mr.. Richard Nuttall, VP Sales of Saudia, and Mr.. Fahad Al-Muhaysin, Manager Italy & Greece, They summarized the new commercial strategy Saudia and described the product in flight, including the top offers 5 bistro catering, experience with business class seats with sleeping level and of course extremely handy program that allows further connections through the extensive global network of Saudia.

The Director of Communication & Marketing of Athens International Airport, Ioanna Papadopoulou, stated: "We are delighted to welcome Saudia family of Athens airport!

It is a link that gives you many new options to our passengers, not only by bringing 2 our destinations, but significantly while enhancing interconnectivity Athens, the options offered by the excellent network of company. We wish every success in Saudia and will continue to support its plans for further growth through the airport and our city!»

Under planning, Saudia will have the fleet 200 aircraft by the end of 2020, including brand new and most technologically advanced widebody types currently available: B787-9, B777-268L, B777-300ER, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321, and Airbus A330-300. Each year more than 34 from. Passengers flying with Saudi Arabian Airlines, one of the largest operators in the market M. Eastern.

The national carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flies to 95 destinations around the world and is a member of the international airline alliance SkyTeam, offering its customers access to a global network expanded airlines.

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