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Approved N / S for the personal data – What is included

Majority approved N / S on personal data

Majority approved by the Civil Service Commission, Public Order and Justice bill on personal data…..

In the vote on the principle, the parties were placed as follows: In favor of the bill said ND and Change Movement.

Reservations expressed SYRIZA, the Greek Solution and the Day 25. When the bill was in the CPG, who has voted against and the relevant Directive in the European Parliament.

The bill will be introduced in plenary on Monday until then, Justice Minister, Kostas Tsiaras, It expects the parties their proposals for technical legislative improvements.

"Not only is the basic obligation of the country towards the EU obviously has generated a huge issue in the country's image.

Not only are the proposals for fines.

Not only is the reference to the European Court. There is also a fact that at some point we need to understand.

Is the need for effective protection of personal data ",

said Justice Minister prior to completing the debate on the Commission.

"We need to modernize the legislative framework existed for two decades and today does not meet any need of protection",

he added and called on the parties to submit their suggestions for improvements to the text of the draft law.

Mr.. Tsiaras also informed the Committee members that is the Prime Minister ordered to shut leftovers promptly and in summer to mark:

"We must now finish with this picture of the humiliated country in the European Community, We must be done with unfinished business concerning the effective protection of personal data and must be a minimum of agreement on self-evident ".

Therefore asked the parties to deliver concrete proposals in writing, within the day, to allow time to incorporate comments.

"It's a bill that concerns the whole of society, protection at work, protection of minors, It is a bill incorporating the EU into national law ',

said Justice Minister.

What includes N / S on personal data

The draft law, put additional implementing the General Regulation on Data Protection (GKPD) for processing personal data.

Inter alia that the minor processing of personal data, in the provision of services of the information society directly to him, it is lawful, if the minor has completed the 15th year of age and gives his consent.

If the minor is under 15 years, processing is only lawful after providing consent of the minor's legal representative.

also the processing of genetic data is prohibited for purposes of health insurance and life.

The bill has been included under Article title "Processing of personal data in the context of employment relationships', which inter alia provides that personal employee data may be processed for purposes of employment contract, if necessary for the conclusion of the contract or after the conclusion of work on the implementation or termination of.

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