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Encyclical on the passing of a note to Lord Archimandrite Philaret the Metropolis of Syros and Mykonos

which paidiothen diikonisen and which at fifty three years Abbot echrimatisen, Peak arrange, labored and interested by for maintaining and axiopoiisin property of, The maintenance of keimiliakon and pneumatic thesaurus and its continuance functional life, tirelessly functions of the sacred altar, philanthropist to Everywhere, nominally familiar Christians upper day, of which have been and intellectual pastor, δυσαναπλήρωτον κενόν καταλιπών.

The aoidimou born in sheriff, THE April 5in 1937. Διάκονος ἐχειροτονήθη τήν 17ην Δεκεμβρίου τοῦ 1959 In the temple Temple Assumption Prevezis, Under the late Metropolitan Stylianos Preveza, Sr. the 6th January 1965, Under the late Metropolitan Gabriel Thera in the metropolitan temple Temple Metamorfossis Ermoupoleos.

THE offikio Archimandrite took the 17in December 1967 in spite of our predecessor aoidimou Dorotheou A.

THE minister then operates at the Holy Monastery Tourliani ORFANOTROFEIO and studied proximate the late pneumatically Kallinikou Hanioti, Human virtue and prayer, He was elected abbot of the Monastery THE 27th November 1966, succeed in bishops and Metropolitan Syrian anadeichthenta late our predecessor Dorotheou A.

The output sequence is defined as follows:

  • Friday, 9 Of March 2018: Overnight in Katholikon sacral Tourliani, after the sequence in kekimimenon priest.
  • sabbath, 10 Of March 2018: Ὄρθρος καί Θεία Λειτουργία καί περί ὥραν 11ην ἡ Ἐξόδιος Ἀκολουθία.

Pray towards Mr. and Holy mother, THE Tourlianin, Him resting after sanctorum and fair, after souls of aoidimou Abbot and the father of the sole and Answer to echomen THE patrikin vow of, THE always whichever heart gave.


Ermoupolis, 8 Of March 2018

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