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Besides universities, the GOP-party factions NDFK, PASP and KNE

Serious changes is preparing to bring the Greek government universities. The bill was drawn up in consistency with universities…

and under the close supervision of the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expected.

The changes processed by the Ministry of Education, rest on two axes:

1. Elections representatives from a single ballot and not through student factions ballots

This arrangement brings in fact the end of the GOP-NDFK, PASP and KNE by universities.

The government aim to apokommatikopoiisi universities through changes in the election system of the members of the boards of student clubs.

Specifically, students will elect representatives of a single ballot and not through student factions ballots.

It is certain that this decision will bring reactions between student factions while remains unknown whether it will make squatting universities.

This is a brave design, but will not take place albeit place- without opposition from the student factions.

2. Changes to single ballot, expected and the system of election of rectors

The Minister of Education, expected to abolish the law of SYRIZA, whereby rectors elected on separate ballots.

Most, They will be elected by a single ballot, as, Today happens oxymoron, rectors not… spoken with the vice.

namely, elections will "descend" rival ballot papers in each will coexist with the rector direct collaborator, the vice.

Alongside, It is expected to introduce the electronic ballot box so as not to redo the incredible, to make "du" anarchists and stealing ballot boxes.

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