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Electronic Building Identity: Which buildings are required to have an electronic ID by the authorities 2021

What certificates are needed, what happens to the arbitrary

The Electronic Building Identity is activated from the beginning of the new year, which will be essentially the Register of the entire building stock of the country…….

OR Electronic Building Identity will be activated from the beginning 2021 following the decision signed by the Deputy Minister of Environment, Dimitris Oikonomou, by which the development of the "Building Identity" information system should be completed by 31 December from the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), designated and provider of electronic services to the ministry, engineers and citizens.

HTC will be the last step in the final settlement of the arbitrary buildings, which have been incorporated into the relevant laws and only with its acquisition will the settlement be considered complete.

It will also be necessary for real estate transfers, which means that for every legal act, which will change the ownership status of a property must have preceded as the attachment of the relevant statement to the transfer agreement is necessary.

Although for existing buildings there is no deadline for obtaining an electronic identity, owners will have to put their hand in their pocket for each transfer, since it is estimated that its cost will amount to at least 300 euro. And this is because for the divided properties as well, the issuance of a structural vulnerability card is foreseen, but also energy efficiency - if this does not exist adding substantially one more cost in the case of transfers.

The Electronic Identity of Buildings will capture the characteristics of the country building stock, the current situation, the licenses, as well as any change in the above during the lifespan of any building or shared property.

As users of the "Building Identity" information system, out:

  • Authorized engineers.
  • The competent public services that use the information system in the context of their duties and the officials involved in the relevant procedures of these bodies.
  • The structure of the information system will support classified access by assigning different usage rights to the respective categories of users, on the basis of what is provided in the decision.
  • The registration of the Building Identity and the Independent Divided Identity
  • Property in the system will be done exclusively electronically and free of charge.

However, based on the ministerial decision, a refund fee is set 20 euro, which the provider is entitled to (TEE) exclusively for the issuance of certificates.

What is an Electronic Building Identity

In accordance with the current legal framework, new buildings are obliged to enter the institution (that is, for what new building permits are issued) and the older ones but at the time of their transfer.

In addition, under the current regulation, the divided properties are expected to acquire an electronic identity..

The responsibility of the Electronic identity of the building or the property will be taken over by the respective supervising engineer, while annual audits are provided as a percentage 3% of buildings that receive identity.

Especially for the divided property, the Electronic Identity includes the following elements:

  1. the executive of the building permit of the building in which the divided property is located, revisions of,
  2. drawings accompanying the construction permit,
  3. the energy performance certificate of the divided property,
  4. construction certificate, if issued,
  5. membership declarations sanctions suspension arbitrary laws,
  6. the floor plans, which depict the divided property in its real state except the common areas,
  7. the structural vulnerability sheet,
  8. the millimeter table and the building cost allocation study, long’ as required,
  9. the Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Identity of the Independently Divided Property.

In case the building permit and the accompanying data are not found in the records of the relevant service, instead of γι’ a certificate of loss is submitted by the competent Building Service.

If it is preceded by the issuance of an Electronic Building Identity for a building that includes independent divided properties, no Electronic Identity Card is issued for the subdivided properties and the Electronic Building Identity is used in place of the Electronic Identity of Independent Divided Property for all the divided properties included in the respective building. If an Electronic Identity Card has already been issued for one or more subdivided properties, it is integrated in the Electronic Building Identity.

The certificate of completeness will be issued by the authorized for the observance of the Electronic Identity of the building or the Electronic Identity of Independent Divided Property, in which it will be certified by them, with their statement, the completion of the information contained in the identity card. The certificate is issued for a building, horizontal or vertical divided property, has a unique number, given by the Electronic Register, and indicates the KAEK of the plot or field or divided ownership (Code Number National Cadastre).

In case false information has been declared, provided in addition to criminal sanctions, fine, whose height ranges from 2.000 until 20.000 euro, depending on the surface that has not been reflected in the electronic identity of the building. In case of recurrence of these infringements and if they relate to construction works in traditional settlements, areas of special natural beauty and in protected areas the limits of sanctions are doubled.

In addition, a license to practice is suspended for a period of 2 until 24 months depending on the gravity of the infringement.

Its application in the case of arbitrary will not differ much as the moment an owner goes to transfer a property arbitrarily receives a certificate from an engineer to arrange it. The engineer will introduce it to HTC, which will be slowly assembled like a jigsaw puzzle of the country building stock.

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