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Scrutinized by 4.500 "Rambo" of Urban Planning, 67.000 arbitrarily!!

Targeted" 67.000 owners declared by arbitrarily!! Heavy fines for false statements, to loss of license to practice, , mechanical…….

In the microscope controllers building They will come in the coming months more than 67.000 arbitrarily, the owners of which have gone to join their statements on the settlement laws and have paid all or part of the fines.

This is the spot checks whilst down the institutional framework for 5% of arbitrary declarations, but by 2011 up to now have not started, both because of staffing planners and – mainly – for reasons political cost.

Alongside, as indicated by the 'Sunday Nation', matter of time is put into operation and the platform that prepares Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) for complaints about illegal construction, in which citizens can declare urban illegalities by paying a fee, whose value will be returned if the autopsies of building inspectors prove that their complaint upheld.

Although, from,what seems, in the Ministry of Environment have not yet reached the exact mechanism for correcting irregularities will be found in a percentage 30% statements to be audited, the orientation is simple mistakes can be corrected even by the same engineer who submitted the statement, as not driven all the cases in litigation.

Among the parameters which will be examined is the completeness and validity of documents, but also certain deviations.

In cases of misrepresentation, in any case, the outcome will not be pleasant for either the owner of arbitrary nor for the engineer who signed, who will be confronted even with possible loss of license to practice.

Already, A few days ago, published in the Government Gazette the updated table with names of 4.494 building inspectors, who make up this register and the number is now considered sufficient to initiate checks on arbitrary statements.

Representatives of the technical world estimate that from about 67.000 cases to be checked at least by building inspectors, the selection of which will be online from the registry, about 30% They will identify errors, which, according to the prevailing scenario, They will be treated according to their severity.

Digital weapons

TEE wants to be very strict with the engineers where planning infringements, as they play a key role in the beginning of the end of the illegal building in Greece.

"It should be understood by all that with all the digital tools in the aspects of the built environment, either through e Accountants Records Building, either through sample checks on 5% statements and complaints of electronic platform, and the system of electronic building permits, will soon stop the perpetuation of illegal building in Greece ", notes the 'Sunday Nation' president of TCG, George Stassinos.

But the Environment Ministry estimate that Chapter "urban arbitrariness" in Greece should be closed. In this context, the competent minister, Dimitris Oikonomou, in earlier statements he has indicated that mistakes have been made in several statements -skopimos or not- They will be treated as the case and the size of the inaccuracy.

provided fines will be imposed and there will be consequences for engineers, as for those identified to have signed false statement will follow control and other buildings which have complied with entries for the laws.

Note that to November 2019 the arbitrary settlement laws They had placed more than 1,35 million. arbitrarily.

At the same time, in the budget for tee 2020, which recently adopted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, indicative budgeted as revenue yields levied for third 4 million. euro from the sampling returns control procedures and arbitrary 1,5 million. euro sanction detection and enforcement procedures for arbitrary constructions and uses.

The… ποινολόγιο

  1. In those concerning errors do not seriously considered. For this, the engineer, who has managed the statement, will be able to rejoin it and correct. This category includes, B.C., the slight variation in reported sq meters of arbitrariness, small spaces declared as auxiliary but actually are places main use. These data will be corrected by the engineer and subsequently redefined the fine, which is required to pay the owner of arbitrary.
  2. Those in which the building inspector will insist on wrong initial declaration arbitrary and there is disagreement with the mechanic that made the original statement. In these cases the tee will have to play the role of mediator in order, if practicable, not reach the courts cases which do not involve deceit.
  3. In those declarations characterize false and they concern, for example, cases of arbitrary, which should not originally have been subject to the laws on settlement, as arbitrary to have been built after July 2011 or in areas excluded from the settlement (woods, forested areas, etc.). In these cases the notice to opt in law will be canceled, Demolition inhibition withdrawing, provided high fines imposed, while no refund of amounts paid as installments of settlement fine. But sanctions will and the mechanic, as if it would prove that knowingly submitted false declaration passed by the Disciplinary Board, risking even removal of license to practice.

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