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Εναρκτήρια Συνάντηση για το 2o πρόγραμμα της ΕΑΣ ΣΕΓΑΣ του Ευρωπαϊκού Προγράμματος ERASMUS+SPORT στη Ρουμανία

StoVoukouresti the 10or and 11or February 2020 held the inaugural meeting of the European project «Soft Skills Through Sport For Active Youth – GOLD»……….. The EAS Athletics Federation Cyclades participated as the exclusive partner program for Greece with a representative of the Vice President, Pappas Dimitris and Anna Mavroudis, director of EAS Cyclades Athletics Federation in international and European programs.

In the two-day meeting, which took place outside attended by Romanian organizers, Romanian Humanist Association (A.U.R.),and program coordinators, the following organizations:

  • The Italian organization Organizzazioneper lEducazioneallo Sport (OPES), Founded in 1980 to promote sport, recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee and the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare as an advisory body carrier
  • The NGO Sfromyoung Association from Portugal, which was founded in 1994. and is a member of the Portuguese Federation of Youth Organizations. The organization has a long experience in intercultural dialogue projects and efs
  • The NGO Social HUB Association Bulgaria,which operates in the field of educational inclusion and growth opportunities in all areas of life for youth

This two-year program the

  1. Promoting sport at ages 15-20 years as a way to develop so-called "soft skills" for the future.
  2. Creating a positive attitude to stakeholders (school, family, local authorities, etc.) the importance of sporting activities in relation to the "soft skills"

  1. Awareness of stakeholders on "soft skills" when they develop or implement training programs for sports.

The inaugural meeting the partners discussed the research and implementation stages of the project approved and financed by the EU.

By Greece, participation of EAS Athletics Federation Cyclades with numerous members of the developmental age wants to help association of athletics with important skills, such discipline, team spirit, management of time, conflict resolution, etc..This will give an opportunity to young people from the Cyclades to participate in this European program.

In the next period will take place starting synantisistin Hungary and the third joint European project «SportsAmbassadors in RuralAreas-SARU» in which a partner EAS Athletics Federation Cyclades

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