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Records freshmen: Starting this day Electronics and will last until Friday 27 September

Electronic freshman records until Friday 27 September

From today, 18 September starts the operation of the application for the successful student enrollments in universities……..

The information indicates that the process will run until 27 September.

The registration process in Higher Education It will take place during this period with the request of the successful candidates for the School or the Department of success through online implementation of the Ministry of Education online at https://eregister.it.minedu.gov.gr, by entering the code 8psipsiou candidate examinations and the same password (password) they used their introduction into the electronic application of the Computerized Bulletin.

To access the online application, the schools will provide support to successful applicants for their passwords.

After entering the application a detailed user manual will be available for their convenience, and concise instructions on each step.

What about students who are enrolled in another school

successful, if recorded from previous year in School or Department of Higher Education, They will declare the application to the Faculty or Department in which they are registered and will simultaneously apply for their delisting, in order to complete the enrollment in the new school or new Department.

Registered students in Courses dismantled TEI will apply for the delisting initially searching the Foundation (University), which joined the relevant section and then the (a transitional academic functioning) Department of TEI, from which they wish to be deleted.

To assist applicants, the Departments Menu items provide a detailed list of the matching of the Departments of former TEI, with universities that have joined up to the completion of the transition function.

The application for entry of a reserve through the electronic application of the Ministry of Education involves a solemn declaration character.

Successful candidates after entering the application will be required to complete their personal Social Security Number (SSRN), which will be confirmed through interoperability with the National Register SSRN.

The engrafentes to have access to academic services of each Faculty and Department, They must demonstrate to the Secretariat of the Department or School ID card or passport, to become their personal identity.

In each case, The Secretariat may request additional proof by applicants.

For Military Schools, Police Schools, Faculties Fire Academy, the Merchant Marine Academies, Driving the Coast Guard-Greek Coastguard and the Higher Schools of Tourism Education, the deadline and the registration process of reserve is defined and carried out by the competent Ministries.

Please note that all these registration procedures are completed either by themselves successful, or by a duly authorized person.

The Ministry of Education also announced that enrollment of successful candidates in the special category of the Muslim minority in Thrace Greek Citizens in Schools and Departments of Higher Education for the Academic Year 2019-2020, carried out through the electronic application and at the same time, namely 18 until 27 September 2019,

To complete the registration, students admitted to tertiary education with the special category of Greek citizens of the Muslim minority in Thrace, must at the same time submitting online registration form (18 until 27/09/2019) send by courier (courier) or in person to submit to the secretariat of the Department / their school success the relevant certificate that is registered in the Municipal Prefecture of Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros.

If transcribed to another municipality other region they should send or submit in person, as above, confirmation of that municipality from which that been transferred to him, by municipality the above prefectures.

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