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EPAL Mykonos: 341.700,00 € from European funds in the Region, for energy upgrade of the school building

Investing European funds to cover the real needs of the islands of the South Aegean Region, the Region George Hadjimarkos, signed the decision aid integration of energy efficiency school building EPAL Mykonos, overall budget 341.700,00 €, Operational Program "South Aegean 2014 – 2020”……

particularly, the act "Enhancing the energy efficiency of the school building EPAL Municipality of Mykonos" includes:

– Replacement of frames

– Installing air heat pump, water to replace obsolete boilers oil

– Replacing lighting and installation of light sensors, to reduce energy consumption for lighting and improve the visual comfort of students within the classrooms

– Central Management System Installation (BEMS) with controllers Direct Digital Control DDC (Direct Digital Control) the possibility of direct control and handling of all E / M installations of each building. It offers the smooth operation of all E / M installations in accordance with the actual requirements of the building and optimal energy savings, through extensive measurements, monitoring and control functions of plant.

The EPAL Mykonos, Energy upgraded after replacing window frames and glazing with new certified, High energy efficiency, replacement of lighting with new, installing daylight sensors and the heating system with heat pumps will occur a significant reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.

The project's budget and public expenditure amount to 341.700,00 €, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The start date of the Act defines the 31.01.2021 and end the 31.12.2022.

The project is included in Priority Axis "Sustainable development and resource management" of OP. "Southern Aegean Sea", the implementation framework of NSRF 2014 – 2020.

Δικαιούχος του έργου είναι ο Δήμος Μυκόνου.

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