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Business: single reduction 5% in this year's tax advances

Will become a new statement that by December the businesses to gain 138 million. euro saved from the budget…..

Open the possibility of increasing the discount if it occurs greater surplus.

The one step reduction of tax in advance 95%, from 100%, for this year's clearing business, It provides the preliminary draft budget which it sent to Brussels by the Ministry of Finance.

This is the measure that has been incorporated in the current budget total cost 138 million. euro and give equal breath liquidity to enterprises by the end of the year as it will eventually be asked to pay less tax in relation to the statements received from the summer.

According to the information services Independent Revenue Authority will "run" epanekkatharisis procedures of income tax for all businesses, exercise which will be completed by the end of November to the last installment of this year's income tax to pass the discount on advances.

Not yet clear whether the amount of the discount will be refunded to companies already pay their tax obligations or will pass as a "credit" to personal accounts taxisnet to offset against other current tax liabilities.

In any case, companies will have to pay less tax, in part relating to advances which are not imposed according to accountants in any other eurozone country.

The tax deposits gradually increased in recent years in 100% for all legal entities and originally 100% only to banks and SA.

gradually, reached 100% for all enterprises regardless of their legal form.

the measure, as evidenced by the references in the budget has single character.

Not that reduce the amount of tax payments but a one-time discount of 100% in the 95% for this year slips which redeemed at monthly until September.

Competent sources open to the possibility, the deduction of tax prepayment be greater eventually benefit for companies to exceed 138 million. EUR depending on the final budgetary performance and the level of (for)surplus.


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