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Subsidy 244 Municipalities exclusively for the purchase of food and medicine in strays!! 3000 euro in Mykonos!!

Το συνολικό ποσό 1.410.000 The Ministry of Interior has a grant as a grant 245 municipalities, exclusively, to buy food and medicine for stray animals….

It was announced that in order to protect stray small animals, the Ministry of Interior proceeded with a grant from Municipalities for the purchase of food and pharmaceuticals..

The grant, in accordance with the decisions of the Minister Mr.. Takis Theodorikakou and the Deputy Minister Mr.. Theodore Lebanese, is distributed per Municipality according to the attached list especially for:

-supply of food for stray animals living within their responsibilities
-supply of medicinal products for stray animals within their limits of responsibility
-other expenses exclusively for stray animals

The other municipalities, will use an amount allocated by the grant decision of mountainous and island municipalities depending on their population.

The list of subsidies per Municipality

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