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Imminent legislation for Alderman and Distributors [Circular]

The future of Deputy Mayors which will become independent or deleted from the array, signed by the Minister and Interior Minister resulting from arithm.35 footnote 23th Page Circular……

Ultimately what happens, They will be automatically deducted from the office of Mayor or may remain;

Recall that in recent polynomoschediou (n.4623 / 2019) the new government passed simultaneously in one and the other:

– or par.2d of No. 5 of n.4623 / 2019 πρόσθεσε στην παρ.1 του αρ.59 του ν.3852/2010 εδάφιο που ορίζει «Αντιδήμαρχος που ΑΝΕΞΑΡΤΗΤΟΠΟΙΗΘΗΚΕ ή Διαγράφηκε από την Παράταξή του, Void of self from this office ".

– or par.4 ar.114 of n.4623 / 2019 substituted for section 6 of the ar.66 n.3852 / 2010 horizon, including, that "INDEPENDENT Councilor CAN REMAIN designated or Mayor '.

The political leadership of the Ministry of Interior in Circular, between two opposite its own settings, finally selecting the above second, namely ar.114 of n.4623 / 2019, whereby they wrote on p.5 "If Mayor during his tenure become independent or removed from the array of, remains Alderman ".

instead, at p.23 display with gray shading the device with No. 5 of n.4623 added in No. 59 of n.3852, ie gray phrase "Mayor that became independent or removed from the faction of, automatically deducted from this office ",

referring to footnote: «ΕΠΙΚΕΙΤΑΙ ΝΟΜΟΘΕΤΙΚΗ ΡΥΘΜΙΣΗ».

The Circular

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