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Episode in Mykonos bar and auditor of the Principle of authorization for private security, with the assistance of the police in “padlock”

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The padlock will last four days because the owner was a recidivist because previous infringement…….

Episodic control Principle of authorization in Mykonos bar – with the assistance of the police the "padlock"
New episodic monitoring by a team of Independent Revenue Authority (Principle of authorization) Today in the morning in popular bars in Mykonos.

The auditors noted the failure to issue receipts totaling nine 752 euro, but as the business was recurrent and one month ago suspended the functioning of 48 hours, this time the "padlock" will be for four days.

Nevertheless, as the auditors drew up the relevant findings note, surrounded by security personnel of the bar which did not allow them to effect service and forced to leave.

The commander of the Principle of authorization George splashes informed the Minister of Citizen Protection Michalis Chrisochoïdis and leader of ELAS, who ordered the immediate assistance of the police.

So, note the findings and the decision Sleep thyrokollithikan jointly by inspectors and police.

The bar will be closed from next Monday, as the owner, because it is recidivist, He has two days deadline for the submission of potential complaints and objections.

Noted that "padlock" for 48 hours for tax offenses has in recent days and in two other well-known bar in the "island of winds".

New "padlock" in the bar at Gaidouronisi

Yesterday, Moreover, echelon of the Principle of authorization carried out unannounced inspection at beach bar on the island Golden Lasithi (Gaidouronisi) south of Crete and found the non-issuance of tens evidence.

He joined "padlock" for 48 hours, although the operator was a recidivist for "monkey" evidence and uninsured workers. Nevertheless, reopened this year with another name and another TIN, and it was not possible to impose a higher penalty.

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