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seasonal allowance: What are the criteria, Who Beneficiaries, When the e-Applications starts, When payment [Circular]

until 1.000 euro "pocket" by e-applications Monday – Beneficiaries of seasonal allowance…..

The applications begins:

a) On Monday 16 September, from the 08:00, will start the electronic submission of applications for the special seasonal year allowance 2019 by beneficiaries, announced OAED.

b) On Wednesday 18 September will start the same process through the Citizen Service Centers (ADS).

The application deadline expires:

a) On Monday 2 December, at 15:00, for those who submit applications through the Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2) OAED and Citizen Service Centers (ADS) and

b) the evening of Monday 2 December, at 23:59, for those who submit electronically (www.oaed.gr).

For receipt of documents, The process will be completed on the next working day, ie Tuesday 3 December.


According to the Employment Agency, on the initiative of the new administration, this year, overcome faster than ever technical problems, so start The procedure for submitting applications for the payment of the special allowance seasonal 25 days earlier than in previous years.


beneficiaries the device is working in the following sectors:

builders, quarryworkers, calcify, plinthopoioi, potters, dasergates, resin collectors, tobacco workers, musicians are members of the professional associations, ypodimatergates, shipbuilding area employees, operators excavating-lifting-road works-drilling machinery, actors, technical film and television, theater-cinema ushers, operators and assistants cinema operators, cinema and theater controllers, cashiers cinema and theater, salaried tourism and catering industry and smyridergates, dancers - members of their same field or sectoral associations, and technical staff engaged in live audiovisual events are members of the relevant sectoral unions or same field.

also, beneficiaries and employees of the shipbuilding zone, if subject to compulsory insurance IKA – Etam , when they provide their work in established businesses in Greece and activities in one or more countries – States of the European Union.

pensioners, who in the previous year exercised one of these professions and have the conditions for receiving the aid, entitled seasonal aid as long as the pension is received (main and subsidiary) They are smaller than the lower structure awarded by IKA – Etam to policyholders in the year of payment of aid.


the supporting for insurance days, income and residence permit for third-country nationals, automatically searched by OAED through Information Systems EFKA (former IKA), the G.G.P.S. and the Ministry of Interior, respectively.

Information with regard to the conditions, the conditions, the height of the device and the supporting, Circular follows:

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