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Erasmus and Sport – Cyclades: Dozens of organizations and executives in the Cyclades are informed about ERASMUS + SPORT "SmatchS"

With the update, through letters and telephone contact, The implementation of the ERASMUS program is progressing in dozens of organizations and executives in the Cyclades + SPORT, in which EAS SEGAS CYCLADES participates as the only partner for Greece, with Title «SmatchS: Sports organizations Matching Social inclusion…………

The program started in January 2021 with the aim of developing and implementing at the local level a Practical Intervention Methodology for social inclusion of children (8-14 years) through sports duration 30 months. This is an initiative 6 bodies from the field of sports, της πανεπιστημιακής κοινότητας και της κοινωνίας (Hellas, Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Cyprus) and will be implemented through synergies between sports clubs, social actors and local authorities in the above countries.

The goal of the SmatchS program is to achieve the following results:

  • A Practical Intervention Methodology, to local unions.
  • A Model for the Impact of Sports Activities on Social Inclusion
  • Digital Guidelines based on a short-term online training program (MOOC).
  • Conclusions and Recommendations on the impact of sport on social inclusion

For more information about the program you can visit the website of EAS SEGAS CYCLADES https://cycladesathletics.gr/smatchs/ .

The program itself as well as the participation of EAS SEGAS Cyclades ensure the integrated approach to the issue of social inclusion in an ethical manner, pedagogically and athletically correct, namely:

  1. the strengthening networking opportunities between the project partners and local and regional government throughout Europe.
  2. the training of coaches, sports executives and volunteers.
  3. the involvement of the educational community, specialist psychologists and parents.

The program, pioneering for the whole of Europe, is in line with both the horizontal and sports policies of the new ERASMUS + Sport (2021- 2027).

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