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Mykonos The Eros Ramazzotti make family holidays!!

Mykonos by Eros Ramazzotti, guest Kostas Piladaki. Italian troubadour and his family enjoy the beauty of the island. The Eros Ramazzotti is located in Mykonos with his wife, Marica Pellegrinelli and their two children where the island celebrated the birthday of their son!!……

The Eros had found in Mykonos last summer, as sung in Nammos by Antonis Remos, "Enchanted" by the beauty and wanted this year to pass part of his vacation with his family. The couple's children were accommodated in Fokos area.

Expected to return to Greece in September, after reportedly want him to be present in the Greek singer's marriage to Yvonne Bozniak. There is also random how Ramazzotti is the entrepreneur guest, which according to the expectant lady Remus same, will be one of the best men of the couple. Second honor Mary Bekatoros, He has christened and daughter Antonis Remos and Yvonne Bozniak.

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