To facilitate travel the private passenger use and two-wheeled vehicles transits will be free, without toll, All major highways of the country.

The same applies to Rion – Antirio, free transits.

Namely the 10:00 a.m. Thursday morning 4 July 2019 up the 10:00 a.m. Monday 8 July 2019, transit passenger private judicial representatives will be free, without toll.

Free passage will be performed by citizens, from Saturday noon until Monday at 08:00 in the morning.

also, μετά από αίτημα των Υπουργείων Εσωτερικών, justice, Transparency and Human Rights, Infrastructure and Transport and the Marine and Island Policy, discount is provided at the price of a normal ticket, ships, train, bus and flight based on the following decisions of companies:

Aegean Airlines και Olympic Air: special fare 45 per route (plus airport taxes and other charges) for the entire internal network, for air travel of Representatives Judiciary, taking place for the exercise of their duties during the forthcoming elections. The price includes a hand luggage up 8 pounds.

TRAINOSE: providing discount 30% price of standard tickets for one way trip to the representatives of the judicial authority, curators, secretaries and legal representatives, for their transition from their place of residence, the place of performance of their duties, in view of the elections of July 7 2019. The discount is granted upon presentation of the nomination Decision and will be served in priority.

For the same reason, TRAINOSE will grant the same discount (30%) on the normal ticket price for one way or return for those people traveling by rail. The discount will be granted on presentation of their identity, passport or other document legitimizing.

bus: The Panhellenic Federation Motorist Intercity Communications addressed to the bus asked to grant discount on the price of tickets for the movement of representatives of the judiciary, curators and voters. The Federation of bus responded positively, discount 25% in normal tickets ypernomarchiakes travel and ticketing return.

The shipping companies They decided to provide discount on normal fares for the transition of the representatives of the judicial authority, curators, secretaries and legal representatives, and provide discount for transportation of vehicles, in almost all destinations in the proceedings of the upcoming elections on July 7 2019.

ANES FERRIES (routes from Volos to Sporades): It provides free transportation to representatives of the judiciary and those vehicles, place the exercise of their duties.

TRITON FERRIES: In route E / C-C / C magenta and ionize (Piraeus, Naples, Cythera, Antikythera, Kissamos, gytheus) It provides free transportation to representatives of the judiciary and their vehicles.

Blue Star Ferries (Blue Star Ferries & Hellenic Seaways) and ANEK LINES - SUPERFAST: discount 50% on the movements of representatives, and discount 20% in private car. their cars.

"MINOAN LINES": Discount 30% on tickets and the movement of private car. vehicles.

AEGEAN SEA: In route E / C-C / C PREVELIS, give a discount 50% on individual tickets, and discount 20% the transfer of private car. car.

FAST FERRIES: In route E / C-C / C THEOLOGIAN II and FAST FERRIES andros (Rafina, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos) offer discount 30% on individual tickets and discount 20% in vehicle tickets.

LEVANTE FERRIES GROUP (Zakynthos, Kyllini, Kefalonia): It provides free transportation to representatives of the judiciary and their scrutineers.

Consortium Saronic ships (Aegina, Fish hook, Methana, resource): Approved the granting discount 50% fares judicial representatives.

AEGEAN SPEED LINES (Piraeus, Serifos, Sifnos, Apple): provides discount 30% on individual tickets.

Γενικές πληροφορίες για τις εθνικές εκλογές της 7ης Ιουλίου

1. When and for what election vote;

The upcoming parliamentary elections will be held Sunday, 7 July 2019. Voting runs from 7:00 am to 7.00 afternoon.

2. Voting is compulsory;

The exercise of voting rights, according to the electoral law, mandatory.

3. Who exempt from exercising their right to vote;

From compulsory voting exercise legally exempt those polling day you are abroad and those who are over 70 years of age.

4. Where can I vote;

Voters voting at polling stations in time specified by decisions of the competent regional authorities.

5. How will I know where I vote;

Voters can learn where voting:

  • Μέσω της ιστοσελίδας του υπουργείου Εσωτερικών «Μάθε πού Ψηφίζεις»
  • Calling on the Interior Ministry and the number of Call Center Management E-Government 213 136 1500, from Monday to Sunday, 09:00 until 17:00.

6. What if I do not find my name on the electoral roll;

If you do not find your name, the electoral rolls contact the municipality, in registries which are registered, until the end of the record.

7. I found my name in another municipality than the one in which I am a citizen. What am I doing;

The electoral lists for the elections of 7isIouliou 2019 They include changes to the 30 April 2019 and can not be changed.

Possibly your request metadimotefsi submitted after 30 April 2019.

For future elections, contact your local council to update your details.

8. I discovered that I am diploengegrammenos. What am I doing;

You are registered in the population register two or more municipalities. For the parliamentary elections of July 7 2019 you must vote in the municipality of your legal registration, as assessed you by contacting the relevant municipalities. Judicial representative will ask you to sign a solemn declaration that you know how you diploengegrammenos not voted or will vote elsewhere. These statements will gather at the Interior Ministry and will interbreed. This procedure ensures the validity of elections.

Let us not forget that double voting is prohibited and strictly punished!!

9. I am a Greek citizen and in the elections of July 2019 I will be abroad. Can I vote from there;

For Greek citizens residing or located abroad on polling day there is no ability to exercise their right to vote.

10. There are facilities for disabled voters;

Voters with disabilities vote in’ absolute priority. On request, the electoral commissions are required to facilitate the.

11. At what age is acquired the right to vote;

In GREECE, voting have everyone complete the 17th year of age in the year of elections. So for elections 2019, They can vote those born from 1/1/2002 until 31/12/2002.

12. Who are deprived of this right;

those who are serving, accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, full custodial guardianship.

Those who were denied because of an irrevocable criminal conviction, any of the crimes defined by the Criminal Code and the Military Criminal Code, for the duration of this deprivation.

13. What am voting papers; What if I lost my identity card;

You can vote with the identification card, your passport, driving licenses or individual health card all insurance funds issued by the competent Greek authorities.

The "cut" identity is acceptable.

If your personal details change (B.C. surname change due to divorce), You must show the relevant documentation.

Military and serving in the security forces use their ID card.

14. What if my information on the electoral lists are different from those of my identity;

Dependent differences. If it is essential, You may be required to obtain from your municipality identification certificate. It is advisable to obtain it in time to avoid the discomforts last minute.

15. I eterodimotis. Vote;

The eterodimotes voters exercise their right to their residence to vote in the special polling stations set eterodimoton. Οι εκλογείς μπορούν να μάθουν σε ποιο εκλογικό τμήμα ετεροδημοτών θα ασκήσουν το εκλογικό τους δικαίωμα μέσω της ιστοσελίδας του ΥΠΕΣ «Μάθε πού Ψηφίζεις».

16. How many days leave entitled election, based on the distance of the region to vote;

those working 5 days are entitled:

  • Those who would move from 200-400 km, 1 working day
  • Those who would move from 401chlm and over, 2 working days, if they move entirely drive by the responsible statement

those working 6 days are entitled:

  • Those who would move from 100-200 km, 1 working day
  • Those who would move from 201-400 km, 2 working days
  • Those who would move from 401chlm and over, 3 working days

For both the above cases, who moved to the islands, for which there is no access, the number of days, will be examined on a case, depending on the distance and the special travel conditions, without that permission to exceed 3 working days.

17. How to vote;

The voters come to the polling and presented the election committee, that recognizes their identity and verify their registration on the electoral roll. Voters put in a record store – one or in small groups, in turn of their arrival and as specifically set each election committee.

The identification of voters to exercise their right to vote is based on their identity card or a provisional certificate of the competent authority or passport or driving license or personal health booklet all insurance funds.

Each voter the electoral committee gives an envelope with a special feature initialed by the representative of the judicial authority and sealed with the seal of the committee, and a full range of printed ballots of all combinations and candidates.

electorate, that physical weakness can not do the above, They are entitled for this purpose to contact the representative of the judicial authority or to a member of the Election Committee, who are obliged to help.

Prohibited the voter to drop the ballot paper in the ballot box: a) if this is not in the folder with the special feature (diagonal striping) or if the file is not closed or if the folder is not stamped and initialed by the judicial representative and b) if the voter does not first pulled the space (screen).

In the voter voted administered, on request, relevant certificate signed by the returning officer and sealed with the seal of.

18. I instead (+) cross to put (√) "tick";

Voting solely with cross (+) the left or right side of the ballot paper. If we put the cross, and left and right, the ballot is considered invalid.

19. I vote electronically via the Internet;

It is necessary to attend in person at your polling station.

special information on the exercise of voting rights

1. How many constituencies does the Greece;

Greece has 59 electoral districts.

2. How many crosses I can put;

It depends on the number of seats in the constituency. Voters can express their preference for candidates of the combination, recording the preference cross ballot adjacent their name, as follows:

a) In constituencies, where they elected from one to three deputies, a cross.

b) In constituencies, where they elected from four to seven members, up to two crosses.

c) In constituencies, where they elected from eight to twelve members, up three crosses, and

d) In constituencies, where most elected thirteen deputies, up to four crosses.

3. What is the threshold for entering the political parties in parliament;

Political parties must obtain at least 3% of votes to be able to elect Members.

4. How will I know what candidates;

The Supreme Court, a competent court, announced candidates in the combinations 27 June 2019.

To see the candidates is an Excel file at the end of Suspension, with the Ανακήρυξη Συνδυασμών και Υποψηφίων Βουλευτών για τις Βουλευτικές Εκλογές της 7ης Ιουλίου 2019by Supreme Court

5. Where will I see the results of the elections;

The election results are announced live on the Interior Ministry website (, for each section after sending them to the ministry by a judicial Sunday, 7 July 2019.

Ανακήρυξη Συνδυασμών και Υποψηφίων Βουλευτών για τις Βουλευτικές Εκλογές της 7ης Ιουλίου 2019από τον Άρειο Πάγο