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Ready for vacation; Useful tips for healthy feet when traveling!!

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Some advice, to enjoy this year on our vacation rested and lightly feet every time, They include:  

  1. Standing or seated, combined with heels,contort your legs lifting heels and relying on the fingers of your feet.
  2. This is done ten times in a row and with frequent repetitions.
  3. seated, also, lift your feet, rotate your ankles , stretch and relax on your toes succession, many times you.
  4. Make a five-minute leg exercises every hour.
  5. Remember to sit straight, and with both feet on the ground. Do not sit cross-legged and not slouching.
  6. attitudes, To make a fast walking for 150-200 meters.
  7. Do not neglect hydration. Carry a bottle of water for the journey.
  8. Avoid extreme heat or extreme cold. Extreme temperatures,  create symptoms in the legs.
  9. For long trips by plane, remember to get up and walk as you. Choose a seat next to the aisle, as this will be easier to move, get up and stretch your legs.
  10. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, do not add too much salt in your food, drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothing.
  11. Always, After the shower, wipe your feet dry from moisture.
  12. Do not apply cream between the toes.
  13. Change your socks daily and let your shoes, be aired on the balcony.
  14. Do not cut your nails deep and do not cut into square shape.
  15. Select right shoes – not too high nor completely flat.
  16. For some days not paint your nails. Give them a chance to breathe.

There are also products you can buy from the pharmacy, which are natural bio-flavonoids, and from the leaf extract of red vine (Vitis vinifera).

Scientific studies have shown that the natural bio-flavonoids have beneficial properties and relieve unpleasant symptoms such as swollen feet, heaviness and pain, usually accompany you on the trip because of the heat.

The bio-flavonoids can not be produced by the body only obtained through diet.

The receiving combination, a tablet containing bio-flavonoids and spreadability to the corresponding gel topically to tired legs, bring excellent results directly.

Bon voyage and happy holidays!!


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