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European Youth Card Discounts: New discount card on over 200.000 unemployed – Who are the beneficiaries?

Thousands of unemployed people will be given the European Youth Card with discounts and health benefits, in stores, culture, in entertainment and services according to the Action Plan of the Ministry of Labor…………

According to information from Dikaiologitika News, this is the European Youth Card that is already given to young people and is expected to be given to the unemployed aged as 30 years.

This is a discount card and not a credit or debit card, is valid for one year and can be renewed every year until their age 30 years.

The planning includes a collaboration between OAED and the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning (INEDIVIM) in order to:

a) subsidized unemployed,

b) the students at 49 EPAS Apprenticeship (6361 based on March data 2020) and

c) the students in 29 IEK of OAED (2128 based on March data 2020),

aged 30 years both, to be actively supported through the provision of a European Youth Card.

The European Youth Card is already in use 6 millions of holders across Europe who are offered a list of more than 100.000 Offers.

In GREECE, its active members touch the 13.000 and their partner companies and bodies 160.

In our country, the young people who hold the card have access to a wide range of companies that are the network of partners of the program.

These partners cover many different areas of activity, indicatively:

  • Transportation: urban / long-distance transport, rail transport, ferry tickets.
  • Education: distance education programs of Greek universities, Post-Secondary Education Centers, Vocational Training Institutes (IEK), Vocational Training Centers (ΚΕΚ), foreign language schools, dance classes.
  • Tourism: hotels, rental rooms, camping, hostels, car rental.
  • civilization: movies, theaters, museums, cultural events, concerts.
  • Stores: clothes, optically, salons, jewelry stores, bookstores, bicycles, household items / gifts.
  • Fun / Food: restaurants, bar, cafes.
  • Health: clinics, diagnostic centers, doctors.
  • Sport: gyms, sports lessons, outdoor sports.
  • Beauty: salons, beauty salons.
  • services: telephony, internet, insurance, bookkeeping, prints, repairs.

There are also discounts abroad through the European Youth Card Association.

It should be noted that according to OAED data, the subsidized are unemployed

According to OAED data, the total number of subsidized unemployed was set at 228.665 in February while in January it was 232.870.

The issuance of the European Youth Card is part of the general framework of the reforms envisaged in the passive labor market policies. The new framework is expected to have a close link between unemployment subsidy, training and active job search and there will be financial incentives for a faster return to the labor market.

According to the text of the Recovery Fund, the reform of passive employment policies ensures the active job search by the beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, provides financial incentives for faster return to the labor market and reduces disincentives to participate in training and retraining programs.

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