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'Smart' parking in municipalities throughout the country, with immediate information about vacancies – How it works

Published the notice of the project budget 20 million

Twenty thousand jobs "smart" parking in municipalities throughout the country will be delivered to citizens in the project of Digital Policy Department on "strategy for smart cities and implementation of national park management system"…….

The notice of open competition for the project, budget 20 million, posted Friday deadline to tender on 20 May 2019.

The agreement for the project will be signed with a contractor and will last 4 years from the signing, while a cooperation invitation to cities wishing to participate in the program and signed the relevant memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry and the municipalities A Grade.

The "benefits" of "smart parking"

The 'smart' controlled parking supported by applications that will inform drivers in real time vacancies and will guide them in these.

It will include specific requirements, order to protect the positions of residents, and vulnerable users, such as persons with reduced mobility. Especially for people with disabilities, the system will take care to ensure the availability of parking spaces with special sensors. The electronic platform will enable the registration and management of specific user groups (area residents, Disabled, special tariffs beneficiaries etc.).

Monitoring of specific sites, and those aimed at residents, It will be equipped with recording equipment. The control will automatically, the municipal police Ms. infringements will be updated will be displayed on a digital map.

technologically, the project is based on innovative solutions based on Internet of Things and includes:

* parking sensors that control the parking position and can be placed on the roadway or sidewalk. Optical sensors can detect from 10-100 parking spaces per system depending on the position and height are established and can be installed in luminaires or buildings.

* Geo-Location Technology, which "leads" the guide to free parking on smartphone and inform the traffic regulations, Weather and / or ongoing activities of the municipality, while the same technology alerted the competent local authority for illegal occupation of position in order to protect both the positions of resident and those intended for Disabled.

* Payment methods (smartphone apps, purchase prepaid parking time via sms or card).

* Training of staff of municipalities.

Under the notice, the alternative parking payment system should support, inter alia, the payment application (App) for smartphones and mobile devices, which others will allow payment by credit and debit cards, pre-purchase parking time which will be gradually consumed, timecharge system support per minute, etc..

In alternative payment methods include use SMS and intangible transactions, the use of the system via the internet application and the ability to offer free or reduced parking fee. Within this function the contractor should provide the system to service users through the redemption of points are collected when purchasing products or services from the shops in the limits of each municipality.

The project includes the smart city platform, which enables participants to enable municipalities and other applications.

So, this platform will support outside the management of parking spaces, remotely controlling transient electric, collecting and managing environmental data from sensors, collecting and managing data on the cleanliness (B.C. via sensors in rubbish bins and garbage). It will also interoperates with applications related to smart water management, public safety and protection and remote control of public Wi-Fi network.

The user of the platform will be able to receive information on cultural events in the municipality, promotions in shops etc.

The platform is scalable and can have stored data and will develop future applications, and will have the primary data beam mechanism with key indicators for the municipality such as crime, pollution, the unemployment, etc..

"We are moving in close cooperation with local authorities, the digital upgrade of our cities greener " says minister PSIPTE Nikos Pappas.

The Secretary of Digital Policy Ministry PSIPTE, Stelios Rallis, reported:

"The digital upgrade of the city takes place in a manner consistent, strategically designed and technologically advanced, focusing on making cities open, accessible and friendly to everyone and of course disabled people. Particularly in the areas of civil and commercial centers, the proper functioning of the Controlled Parking Systems is a very important parameter that determines the quality of life of residents and visitors in modern cities ".

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