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FAS: The looming victory ND concerned Europeans more than it admitted

Europe will be the nostalgia Tsipras;

Extensive reports in the German press in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece……

Approach of elections next Sunday in Greece contextual Prespa Agreement seeks Swiss Nhad WITHürcher WITHZeitung.

In Title "Weakening nationalist wave in Greece – in the Macedonian election campaign is irrelevant ", The newspaper states inter alia:

«[…] When sometimes referred to in point, Mitsotakis the pre-election promises that as prime minister will block the accession process, if Skopje violate the agreement.

The end of the Greek blockade on EU and NATO integration efforts of Northern Macedonia is the most important acquis of solving the name issue.

That Mitsotakis could do actually practice his threat not however unlikely.

Even in Skopje possible change of government in Athens does not cause concern.

Prespa did not consider the Eyroekloges concludes the Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Finally and Greece benefit from the resolution of -the hard understandable for third parties- controversy. Within the EU the status of Greece in the EU has strengthened and knows this and Mitsotakis.

Anyway, the protest against the agreement was rather more strategic, to satisfy the nationalist-conservative wing of his party.

Some claim that Prime Minister Tsipras facing the proposed solution as a maneuver to split the New Republic.

This was not done and now the issue is not in the forefront […]. In the election campaign dominated by economic issues.

The loss of income and the highest contributions in recent years have led to a decline in prosperity 50% combined with the difficult economic situation were the issues that caused all previous years generally of greatest concern to citizens.

If the government voted in 7 July, as shown, the main reason is the fact that despite the coveted end of the aid program there is no noticeable improvement in the situation for citizens.

The Macedonian plays a lesser role.

Can the European elections losses for SYRIZA to north […] was larger than average losses in the rest of the country.

At the same time though, according to political scientist Royal Georgiades, politicians who argued strongly against Prespa not redeem nowhere to polls.

Small but would also benefit the SYRIZA leftist progressive classes. The issue did not consider the elections ".

In the footsteps Samara Mitsotakis

It will be imposed party matters to those who defend their status; asks the FAS

"Possibly Europe to the nostalgia Tsipras', says long article on Sunday Frankfurter Aeneral Sonntagszeitung mentioned inter alia:

«[…] Favorite to succeed him is Kyriakos Mitsotakis by the conservative New Democracy.

Politicians of other countries Eurozone is causing more concern than it admitted publicly, wanting to avoid the risk of being accused of outside intervention.

After a decade of cuts supposedly dictated from abroad, the Greeks now react very allergic to outside advice.

concerns (Europeans) They do not concern both in person.

Mitsotakis may belong to one of the old Greek families […].

But in the political 51eton inside his party emerging as the innovator.

[…] The renewal of this party but failed to get everywhere.

Anyone who visits the ND offices […] You will encounter very old staff and the question is if the Mitsotakis could be imposed on those who defend their status.

Finally the party was the one between 2004 and 2009 manipulated by the then Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis the Greek fiscal data, which first led Greece to the verge of bankruptcy and then across the continent in a dramatic currency crisis.

Later the then president Antonis Samaras has conducted the 2012 campaigning against austerity requirements of international creditors.

After the victory but he had to bow to pressure from the German Chancellor and the other Europeans.

To some extent the Mitsotakis continues: the election heralded open fight that does not intend to follow the agreed consolidation path […] και ότι θα μειώσει τα φορολογικά βάρη».

According to the newspaper "[…] creditors last already lowered the bar of their claims.

According to European circles, There is now the understanding that Greece may not be Switzerland.

If the country even approached the level of other southern European countries it would be important profit. […]

Economist Alexander Kritikos by the German Institute for Economic Research also believes that creditors will look conciliatory towards the future prime minister, allowing him in the implementation of necessary reforms a short-term deviation from the budgetary targets ".

German wave

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