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Feng Shui: Bedroom, Colors and aposymvolismoi!!

Colors Feng Shui in the bedroom for harmony and balance… Colors in Feng Shui for health bedrooms, but also create appropriate atmosphere…. They help to enjoy deep sleep….

Analyzing the colors of Feng Shui below will help you choose the colors of your bedroom to spend wonderful evenings there.

Appropriate colors for your room is in these skin tones, including white, beige, open coffee, open and dark chocolate.

The darker colors should only be used to highlight certain points in the Room. Hang for example dark curtains, to help you to sleep and a dark bedspread with white sheets and pillows in bed.

Also an all-white room is not a right choice. Avoid white walls, curtains, rugs, caps.

Combine light and dark beige tones to achieve a smooth flow of Chi in the room.

The color black symbolizes money, so if you want the effect of, add a decorative black eg a table lamp with metal base. Το μέταλλο ενισχύει τη θετική ενεργειακή ροή του μαύρου τόνου.

The white and all shades symbolize purity, kindness and is the most powerful color of Feng Shui,

especially when the white, combined with gold or silver!!

Οι αποχρώσεις του μωβ βοηθούν την αύξηση της πνευματικότητας εκείνων που κοιμούνται στο δωμάτιο και προωθούν τη συναισθηματική και σωματική θεραπεία.

The shades of blue are wonderful for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room, ώστε το Chi να έχει μια πιο θετική ροή.

All shades of yellow should be used minimally, as favoring stress. Promote communication, friendliness, αλλά πολλές φορές η πολύ επικοινωνία αυτή φορτώνει με άγχος.


The orange hues inspire creativity and organizational skills to people.

The red hues bring luck and boost confidence!!

Green is refreshing and brings harmony and balance in a room.

It is ideal to choose a carpet in green tones!!

Bearing the above in mind, if you apply them to a renovation of your room, You will achieve a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in space!!

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