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Financial Support: Support measures 1,3 billion. euros from the Ministry of Education for the support of employees, producers, businesses and freelancers in N.. Aegean

Over 1,3 billion. euros have been given by the Ministry of Finance for support employee, producers, businesses and freelancers the South Aegean Region .
Teleconference of the Minister of Finance Mr.. Christos Staikouras with representatives of the Local Government and Productive Bodies of the region……….

The Minister of Finance Mr.. Christos Staikouras held a teleconference today with representatives of the Local Government and Productive Bodies, as well as MPs from the South Aegean Region, on: "The current state of the economy and its prospects at regional level", as part of a series of teleconferences with representatives of local communities from 13 Regions of the country.

The Ministry of Finance recognizes the key role played by local communities - over time, but also especially today, in the midst of the unprecedented ordeal he is experiencing, and, our homeland - in the social cohesion and economic stability of the country. He listens to their needs and tries, with immediately, targeted, effective and socially just measures, to support them, to the maximum extent possible. Towards this direction, seeks interaction, the osmosis of ideas and more generally the constructive dialogue with local communities.

In this light, in today's video conference, discussed, including, the current state of the economy and its prospects, both nationally and regionally. The actions of the Government and the Ministry of Finance for the South Aegean Region were presented, while the representatives of the Local Government and the Productive Bodies developed in Mr.. Staikura the positions, their concerns and proposals around critical issues of the economy.

During its presentation, the Minister of Finance stressed, including, The following:

"The government, from the beginning of its mandate, but also especially during the last turbulent time of the health crisis, stands by local communities and supports them to the best of their ability, through a grid of timely, coherent and effective measures and interventions. Measures and interventions that extend to many, different fields and sectors, exceed the financial tools that were widely used for the entire economy of the country and are adapted to the specific requirements of each region.. Specifically, regarding the South Aegean Region have been implemented, until today, meters of total height over 1,3 billion. euro. particularly, were implemented:

1being. Business and employee support interventions

The Ministry of Finance has supported the companies and employees of the South Aegean Region, from the beginning of the pandemic, with measures of total height 1,253 billion. euro, which specialize as follows:

  • 724 million. euro were granted in total, through its six cycles Refundable Deposit in 990 businesses and freelancers, with an average aid of 25.857 euro.
  • 31 million. euro have been given through Special Purpose Compensation in the business.
  • 407 million. euro, corresponding to 080 loans, have already been disbursed through Guarantee Fund and ΤΕΠΙΧ ΙΙ.
  • 91 million. euro have been received by suspended employees, through the Special Purpose Compensation.

From 1,253 billion. euro granted in total to the South Aegean Region:

  • the 670 million. euro concern the Prefecture of Dodecanese,
  • the 583 million. euro concern the Prefecture of Cyclades.

2being. Interventions to support the agricultural sector

With the primary sector being, steadily, a central pillar of our development strategy, we support and strengthen, as much as possible, the country's producers. In this context, in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, primary sector support measures are designed and implemented to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Including, the South Aegean Region:

A. State aid was granted, according to the Temporary Framework, height:

  • 643 euro in the sheep and goat sector.
  • 000 euro in the field of flower production.
  • 500 euro to producers and sellers of popular markets.
  • 543 euro in the fields: a) of the Kalamon table olive, b) of early low cover watermelon, c) of spring potato, d) of greenhouse crops of Crete in Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Eggplants.

B. They were paid, through co-financed programs:

  • 052.800 euro to olive growers producing olive oil.
  • 746.691 euro to fishermen for the cessation of their fishing activities.

3being. Interventions in the fields of Privatization and Investments

  • Marinas / Ports:

Harbor / Marina Mykonos

A study is being prepared for the whole port and then an evaluation will be made for the best way of concession.

Marina Mandraki Rhodes

Technical and Legal inspection is carried out for the Marina , in order to proceed with a decision of the Board. of the Fund for the initiation of a tendering procedure.

  • Real estate:

Thermal spring and Xenia of Kythnos

It is in the tender process with e-auction and binding offers are expected on 18.05.2021.

Afandou Rhodes

For South Afandou, the sale transaction for tourism development was financially closed in July 2019.

The financial closure is expected for North Afandou 1The half of 2021.

4being. Other interventions

  • Exemption from ENFIA of small residents, acritic islands

We exempted from ENFIA the rights over immovable natural persons, tax residents of Greece, whose main residence is located on small remote islands with a population below 1.200 resident.

Some of these islands belong to the South Aegean Region.

  • Extension of the reduced VAT rates in Kos, Leros, Lesvos, Samos and Chios until 30.06.2021

The extension of the reduced rates for another six months was deemed necessary, in order to support the local economy on these islands, bearing the burden of managing the immigration problem.

With the above interventions in the South Aegean Region, total height above 1,3 billion. euro, the Government and the Ministry of Finance demonstrate in practice that, both nationally and locally, support in a timely manner, methodically and decisively, companies, producers and workers, in order to get out of the battle of the health crisis and any other trials and challenges.

Simultaneously, continue to implement reforms and structural changes that help attract investment, solve chronic problems and pathogens, promote privatizations and exploit, in the best way, public property. And all this is done with the "compass" of economic efficiency and social justice, but also guided by special needs, the priorities and special characteristics of each Region of the country, so that they can be powerful locomotives of growth in the post-coronavirus era ".

In today's teleconference with Mr.. Christos Staikoura was attended by the Regional Governor of the South Aegean Mr.. George Hadjimarkos, the Mayor of Rhodes and President of the Regional Union of Municipalities (SYS) South Aegean Mr.. Antonis Kampourakis and the Mayor of Syros - Ermoupolis Mr.. Nikos Livadaras.

From the point of view of the productive bodies, The "present" was given by the President of the Dodecanese Chamber (ΕΒΕΔ) K. Yannis Pappas, President of Chamber of Cyclades Mr.. Yiannis Roussos, the President of the Federation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants of Dodecanese (ΟΕΒΕΔ) K. Nikos Tsoullos, the President of the Dodecanese Regional Department of the Economic Chamber Mr.. Kostis Zografidis, the President of the Dodecanese Regional Department of the Technical Chamber of Greece Mr.. Antonis Giannikouris, President of the Hotel Association Mr. Rhodes. Manolis Markopoulos, the President of the Syros Hoteliers Association Mr.. Anthony Karatasos, the president of the Mykonos Hoteliers Association Mrs.. Maria Kousathana, the President of the Hotel Owners Association of Thira Mr.. Antonis Iliopoulos, the President of the Naxos Hoteliers Association Mr.. Manolis Bardanis, the President of the Hotel Owners Association Kos Mrs.. Konstantina Svynou, the President of the Association of Tour Operators of Rhodes Mr.. Christos Michalakis, the President of the Association of Tourist Offices of Paros - Naxos Mr.. Dimitris Petropoulos, the President of the Rhodes Commercial Association Mr.. Nick Bonis, the President of the Commercial Association of Syros Mr.. Vangelis Alexandridis, the President of the Naxos Commercial Association Mr.. Nikos Koutelieris, the President of the Commercial Association of Thira Mr.. Nikos Nomikos, the President of the Commercial Association of Tinos Mr.. Andreas Tsimekis, the President of the Kos Commercial Association Mr.. Paschalis Vrakidis, the President of the Labor Center of Rhodes Mr.. Panagiotis Englezos, the President of the Naxos Catering Association Mr.. Giannis Maggioros and the Secretary of the Rhodes Catering Association Mr.. Stavros Zouroudis.

also, The conference of the New Democracy of the prefectures of Dodecanese and Cyclades took part in the teleconference.

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