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Flying During Coronavirus: The new "map" for flights, stricter health rules, fewer flights

Mandatory use of a mask, thermometry and strict health protocols. At a time when governments around the world are loosening the lockdown, Airlines are gradually attempting their own way out of the "hibernation", adjusting the itinerary and services offered and….. trying to strike a balance between health safety protocols and the challenge of persuading passengers to board a plane in the narrow and closed space amid the Covid-19 pandemic..

It is recalled that Greece announced a few days ago that it is extending the flight suspension period for specific countries until 31 May and how - at least until then- all international flights will land only at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"……….

New flight instructions from IATA

The International Air Transport Association (THERE IT IS) announces details on bio-safety during flight restart during coronary heart disease. The instructions, published under the title "The map for the resumption of air transport", aim to give governments confidence to give the "green light" to open borders and flights as well as passengers who will start flying again.

"There is no single measure that will reduce the risk and lead to the resumption of flights. But a combination of measures that will be implemented worldwide and accepted by governments can have the desired effect.. This is the biggest crisis facing aviation to date, "said Alexandre de Juniac., General Manager - CEO of IATA.
The "map" for the resumption of flights

ATA IATA, on its "map" for flights, focuses on all stages of the process by giving detailed instructions to governments and local authorities:

IATA anticipates need for passenger data to be collected by governments before travel, such as health information, which must be obtained through tried and tested channels such as those used for eVisa or online travel authorization programs.

Measures for departure airports:

  • Access to the terminal (Arrivals, Departures) should be limited to airport workers / airlines and travelers. The only exception should be passengers with disabilities or minors.
  • Recording the temperature at the input points at the terminal, by staff trained by a government agency.
    Keeping a distance in all procedures followed by passengers, as in the series ("Tails")
  • Use of face covers for passengers and staff masks, as required by local law
  • Provide as much self-service as possible for passenger check-in, to reduce contact points and queues. IATA recommends remote check-in (electronically or with a boarding pass printed at home), automated luggage delivery points (bag drops) and boarding without contact with an employee.
  • The boarding must be done with redesigned gates, boarding priorities that reduce congestion and hand luggage restrictions.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of the points / areas with which many people come in contact should be done according to the instructions of the local authorities.. Hand antiseptics should be widely available.

The measures to be taken during the flights

The IATA "map" provides for specific measures to be taken during flights, inside the aircraft:

  • It is necessary to have face covers (SS. and fabric) for passengers and crew masks.
  • Simplified cabin services and pre-packaged meals, to reduce contact between flight passengers and staff
  • Passenger congestion in the cabin must be limited. For example, do not allow toilets for toilets.
  • Improved cabin cleaning methods.

Flight return: The rules for the arrival of passengers

IATA's "flight map" includes a separate section on passenger arrivals at airports:

  • Thermometers by trained staff (when it is a condition of the local authorities)
  • Automated customs and cross-border control procedures.
  • The use of mobile phone applications and biometric technologies is recommended (already used by some governments)
  • Accelerate the processes and collection of luggage in order to achieve social distancing, by reducing overcrowding and queues
  • Passengers are expected to receive health statements and be thoroughly tracked. – detecting government contacts to reduce the risk of imported corona transmission chains.
  • It should be noted that IATA considers that the measure of the empty middle seat in flights becomes unnecessary from the use of masks.

"Yes" in the pre-flight tests – trips

IATA points out that these measures for flights must be temporary, be reviewed regularly and replaced when more efficient options emerge. Furthermore, The union estimates that two factors will act as "keys" to the safe conduct of flights until a coronavirus vaccine is found.:

  • Corono / Covid-19 tests: IATA supports tests when they have accurate and fast results. "Conducting tests at the beginning of the trip would create a 'sterile' travel environment that would ensure passengers and governments," he said..
  • Immigration passports: IATA says it would support the creation of immunity passports to separate zero-risk passengers. The basic condition is that this policy has the "OK" of the scientific community and governments.

The entire "map" of IATA for flights:

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