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Forest maps – Gerapetritis: Horizontal interventions in forest maps to rectify failures

"Horizontal structural interventions that will streamline forest maps" heralded, via Sky TV, Minister of State George Gerapetritis, with the aim of restoring the situation to the rectum, he said. On this issue, after all, added, was done on the initiative of the Prime Minister himself, meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, which will proceed with the relevant actions…………

Answering a relevant question, the Minister of State started from the big picture, he said, "The fact that we have managed to have forest maps throughout the territory, is a huge achievement (…) Having forest maps, as well as a land registry, is a condition for the development course of the country ", noted with emphasis.

And in this case, "actually, as,As far as forest maps are concerned, there have been cases where there has been excessive forest categorization. This was observed cat’ especially on the islands, where there are special geomorphological conditions due to the grasslands ".

Nevertheless, "The prime minister himself took the initiative, A big meeting took place yesterday with the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy ", also reported.

He assured, the citizens, and knowing that this is a very sensitive issue for them, as reported, that "There will be horizontal interventions by the Ministry of Environment and Energy that will restore things. That is, we will have a rearrangement in everything,as to the logic of forest areas, therefore horizontal structural interventions that will streamline forest maps and then, when we have now come to the right, then citizens with objections will be given the opportunity to redress individual cases. ", underlined by closing the relevant report.

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