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Tax application for smartphones: the 3+1 measures Evasion, Tax return, Lotto receipts and IRS!! The “suspects” branches [List]

the 3+1 measures Principle of authorization for legal evidence. The draft law against tax evasion, which contains incentives for gathering evidence from practitioners suspected of tax evasion, bonus tax refund, draws with hundreds of thousands of euros profit and easier coverage of the annual threshold of evidence,….

expected to reach Parliament by the end of March.

Target is coercion specific professional groups which do not issue receipts as shown by the controls of the Principle of authorization, να πληρώνουν VAT and revenue tax.

In this context, They will provide strong incentives to clients-taxpayers, while at the same time, everyone will have the option To check the authenticity of proof received, through a special application for mobile phones that makes the Principle of authorization and will soon be available from the Google Play.

According to the latest information, the measures which the Principle of authorization ends and will be included in the deposit tax bill, which aims to combat tax evasion and smuggling are the following:

1. The customer receives proof of suspected fraud operation, to the direct benefit 5% – 10%, as an income tax return or direct credit card of.

namely, taking evidence 200 euro, the car workshop, will "return" to the card height 10 until 20 euro.

The evidence will be collected by specific business sectors, They will add up and reduce the income tax to be charged, the clearing of tax returns.

2. The evidence to be taken by certain professional sectors, They will count double to meet the threshold of evidence (30% on income) required to obtain the taxpayer.

Example proof 150 euro, by painter, it counts 300 euro and thus 30% on income will be covered more easily.

3. Established draws large sums per month, with amounts in the range of 200.000 or 250.000 euro.

Planned abolition of monthly lottery receipts with amounts in the range of 1.000 euros 1.000 taxpayers every month now in force.

With the new system 4 or 5 lucky, They will earn considerable amounts of the order of 200.000 or 250.000 euro, as they are the LOTTO.

4. The audit evidence through smartphones.

The Principle of authorization bet a lot on application!! Which will allow phone owners to scan the proof received and establish instant, if issued by legal cash register, declared to the tax office.

The same application will allow the user to report anonymously to the IRS the store that adopted a "monkey" proof.

The list of IRS suspects

Among occupational groups in which the measure is proposed to be implemented:

      • the taverns, restaurants
      • the pizzerias
      • ouzo
      • the cafes
      • bars
      • Nightclubs
      • Shopping
      • The garages
      • electricians
      • hydraulic
      • painters
      • The building trades generally
      • Seasonal activities (water sports etc.)
      • Doctors
      • salons
      • Beauty salons
      • Slimming centers
      • gyms
      • Lawyers

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