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Taxation: What changes for millions of taxpayers 2020

Changing the tax map of Greece from 2020

All changes promoted expected to 'lock' the two appointments will next week (Monday and Wednesday) Finance Minister Ch. Staikouras with the heads of institutions in Athens……

From next year, changing the tax map of the country, with dozens of interventions for individuals and businesses aiming to reduced charges and secondly to create a friendly environment.

With a multipage bill 72 Articles the Government amend the provisions for income tax, without excluding Articles grow, if it is decided to add the provisions on the plastic money.

All changes promoted expected to lock the two appointments will next week (Monday and Wednesday) Finance Minister Ch. Staikouras with the heads of institutions in Athens.

On the table, according to a report in "Everyday Sunday", They put all the provisions of the new tax scale, settled debt adjustment, even those involving transfer incentives of tax residence (Non Dom) in Greece for individuals and businesses operating abroad.

Although it seems institutions and Athens have in principle agreed to the changes to be made, not yet arrived in the calculation of the cost of measures and how these will be charged to the budget of the next year.

in any case, institutions already have objections to regulate 120 calculating doses to generate gap of 200 million. euro. Sure, few months earlier were calculating this gap by 0,3 until 0,6% of GDP.

The gap, which institutions they see, They estimate from the government that will zero, even claiming that in state funds will enter 200 million. euros more than the original target.

The bill will be tabled in 15 October in the House would provide:

1. Taxable income limit

It remains at the 8.636 euro for employees and pensioners and mainly farmers. The tax credit amounts to 777 euro for all, but it has not yet decided by how much and more limited tax credit. Today the deduction is reduced for incomes above 20.000 euro

2. Employees with children

additional tax free 1.000 euros for each child or otherwise the tax credit increases by 90 EUR for the first child, Furthermore 90 for the second child and 220 euro for the third child and subsequent.

3. tax bracket

The import coefficient 22% reduced to 9% for incomes up 10.000 euro. They maintained the same rates for incomes over 10.000 euro.

4. Farmers

Tax 10% for new agricultural schemes.

5. estate tax

Three-year suspension of VAT 24% for transfers of new buildings. It not yet decided whether to terms with building permit unsold properties 2006 or those to be built in 2020 and after.

6. upgrade residence

tax credit 40% on energy costs, functional and aesthetic upgrade, maintenance and use of buildings.

7. betterment tax

Three-year "freeze" on property transactions.

8. Business

tax reduction in 24% from 28% earnings of 2019.

9. dividends

tax reduction in 5% from 10% for dividends distributed to 2020.

10. Tax domicile

Down transfer incentives of tax residence in Greece for individuals and businesses operating abroad. Essentially the device is targeting businesses and individuals with very large bills and motivation to integrate them in the Greek tax system is their favorable tax treatment. The competent Finance Ministry examining various models applicable to Malta, Cyprus and Portugal in order to synthesize the Greek proposal to be presented and institutions.

11. fixed setting

The government plan provides for the payment of regular debt (income tax, ENFIA, VAT) in 24 doses (from 36 as originally planned) and repayment of debt emergency (inheritance tax) in up 48 doses, under conditions.

Specifically, be established income criteria. namely, The number of doses will be associated with the declared income and the contents of bank accounts of those who apply for facilitating the payment of taxes.

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