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Free Covid-19 self-testing: What is a self test, who is entitled to it, for which categories it is mandatory and how it is done

Another important weapon that comes to complement the already existing in the battle to deal with the pandemic covid-19, are the self-diagnostic home tests (self test).

Every citizen is entitled one self test per week, four a month , for a period of two months, which can be obtained by showing his AMKA from the pharmacy. For minor children the self tests will be provided by their parents………

The supply of pharmacies will start from next Wednesday 7 April and until the end of the week 11.000 pharmacies across the country will have sufficient quantities to dispose of them in the first phase to high school students 16-18 years and teachers. Then to the citizens of productive ages from 18 until 67 years and finally, to those above 67 years.

The self tests will be done exclusively cat’ home and not in pharmacies who will simply deliver the package in which there will be clear printed instructions in Greek for the correct sampling and execution of the diagnostic test.

clarified that the individual test concerns healthy and asymptomatic individuals, while when a citizen has symptoms of infection, namely, fever, cough or other, the negative test should always be confirmed by a molecular test.

What are self tests
Self-diagnostic tests are mainly nasal tests or saliva tests, much simpler to use, with simple instructions for use and specially designed so that everyone can use them effectively on their own. This is the main difference from rapid tests.In case of a positive result, then the citizens with a second quick test, which can be conducted free of charge in a public structure, will be able to confirm the initial result.

Mandatory self-test per week by students and teachers
Parents will be able to pick up for their children with the demonstration of AMKA their respective tests.

– the self test will place at home from 24 until 48 hours before the start of the courses and the result will be announced on the platform self-testing.gov.gr·

– in case of a negative result, the parent / guardian should print and sign the relevant certificate that the student will bring with him throughout’ throughout the week and will show it to the class teacher who will be in charge of the presentation.

– those students who turn out to be positive should do so as soon as possible a second antigen test, free in public structure to justify absenteeism from school;

– those students who do not bring the certificate with them will not be able to attend their classes, nor will there be the possibility of distance learning.

For what other categories of citizens are self-tests mandatory

Citizens who are active are required to undergo a weekly rapid coronavirus test in addition to students and teachers in coastal shipping and shipping, in retail, businesses, in focus, in tourism businesses, in processing, in the courts.

In case of a positive case, the statement will be made on the platform self-testing.gov.gr (which will be open next Wednesday) depending on citizenship (B.C. employee, pupil) and a certificate will be issued or an SMS will be sent for a repeat test by a health professional or in a public structure (so it will be free) either in a private structure.

Those who are obliged to do a self test and if they are negative will state that they did so with a responsible statement. The employees – and teachers – on their behalf, and parents and guardians on behalf of their student children.

highlighted, that the securing of rights (absence from school or work) fully secured by the second verification test. By conducting an individual test by the citizens themselves at home once a week, Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic patients will be identified in a timely manner,- will show symptoms within the next couple of days – with the aim of timely detection and isolation of these new cases, but also tracking their close contacts to disrupt the new coronavirus transmission chain.

Experts clarify that home self-diagnostic tests can in no way replace epidemiological surveillance, instead they are a complementary means of individual self-diagnosis and self-protection for the early diagnosis and isolation of asymptomatic.

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