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Free Covid-19 self-testing: On Wednesday 7 April the first self tests in pharmacies - Students and teachers are the first to do, how they will return to schools

The introduction of the first batch of self tests is completed today with their delivery to us, Deputy Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis stressed during the regular briefing of the Ministry of Health on the progress of Covid-19 in Greece, while completing that The supply of pharmacies will start from next Wednesday, 7 April…………

The next delivery, said Mr.. Kontozamanis, is scheduled in the middle of next week and the last at the beginning of the following.

Fortunately, by the end of the week, the country's pharmacies will have sufficient quantities to dispose of them. in the first phase to high school students, 16 until 18 years and teachers and then in ages 18 until 64 years.

Every citizen is entitled to one test per week, 4 the month and the minister explained the process of making the tests available and how they will be done by the citizens.

The Kontozamani update

"The government is ready to activate another weapon in the fight against the pandemic, that of self-diagnostic / home tests (self test).

From the 19/3, within two weeks from the announcement of the government decision to include self-tests as an additional pillar in our national diagnostic strategy, we completed an open public call for procurement 10 from test and we awarded with absolute transparency and with the approval of the Court of Auditors in 5 contractors the supply of the first tests.

The introduction of the first batch of self tests is completed today with their delivery to us. The next delivery is scheduled for the middle of next week and the last one at the beginning of the following week.

The supply of pharmacies will start from next Wednesday 7/4 and fortunately by the end of the week pharmacies across the country will have sufficient quantities to distribute them in the first phase to high school students 16-18 years and teachers.

We start with the availability to students and teachers in order to ensure the smooth supply of the market. Then pcitizens of productive ages from 18 until 67 years and finally, to those above 67 which have already been largely shielded from vaccination.

At this point I would like to refer to the contribution of both pharmacists and pharmaceutical supply chain companies that contribute to the success of the test delivery to the population.. Our cooperation is excellent and we thank them very much for that.

It is important for citizens to understand that supply chain 11.000 pharmacies across the country is not a simple matter.

We receive the self tests centrally, in two warehouses in Attica and Thessaloniki by the contracting suppliers, these are transferred to 100 and now drugstores and then in all pharmacies in Greece. I should note at this point that along with every test that will be available from pharmacies the citizen will receive an information leaflet.

The test distribution business is fully designed and organized. Throughout the supply chain. From the monitoring of supplies and stocks to their final disposal by pharmacies. The supply chain is overseen by the Armed Forces.

This week, Legislation allowed the Ministries of Labor, Education and Health to define the way in which the performance of the compulsory self-tests per week by students and teachers will be declared.

In case of a positive case, the statement will be made on the platform self-testing.gov.gr (which will be open next week / Wednesday) depending on citizenship (B.C. employee, pupil) and a certificate will be issued or an SMS will be sent for a repeat test by a health professional or in a public structure (so it will be free) either in a private structure.

Those who are obliged to take a self test and if it is negative will state that they did it with a responsible statement.

The employees - and the teachers- on their behalf, and parents and guardians on behalf of their student children.

The self tests will be done exclusively at home and not in the pharmacies that will simply deliver the self test package in which there will be clear printed instructions in Greek for the correct sampling and execution of the diagnostic test..

Especially for the availability of the first self tests from pharmacies I would like to point out the following:

  • will start next week for high school students and teachers
  • Parents will be able to receive for their children with the demonstration of their AMKA the tests that are assigned to them the self test will be performed at home by 24 until 48 hours before the start of the courses and the result will be announced on the relevant platform
  • in case of a negative result, the parent / guardian should print and sign the relevant certificate which the student will bring with him throughout the week and will show it to the teacher in his class who will be in charge of the presentation..
  • Those students who test positive should have a second antigen test as soon as possible, free in public structure (the list of structures will be listed on the relevant website) in order to justify the absence from school
  • students who do not bring the certificate with them will not be able to attend their classes nor will there be a possibility of distance learning.

clarified that:

home self-diagnostic tests can in no way replace epidemiological surveillance, instead they are a complementary means of individual self-diagnosis and self-protection for the early diagnosis and isolation of asymptomatic.

These are approved tests that meet all the requirements of European legislation and are approved by the competent European Authorities..

End, with regard to the reopening of retail by 5/4 We inform employees and consumers that there will be increased sampling units in all shopping areas of large urban centers. We encourage them to participate in these actions and visit the testing.gov.Gr platform and the ergasia.testing.gov.gr platform to take a free antigen test.

highlighted, once more, that the securing of rights (absence from school or work) fully secured by the second verification test ".

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