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C. Hadjimarkos for the Mayor of Leros: I do not regard the political opportunism that demonstrates a superficial logic of division and rivalry

Apostomotiki response of the Region of South Aegean, George Hadjimarcou, as,Regarding the statements of Mayor Leros, Michael Kollias on immigration - refugee issue……..

The Region N. Aegean, George Hadjimarkos, response to Leros Mayor, Michael Kollias, for migration – refugee issue, in response to reports in the South Aegean Region, both in his statements in the media and in a letter to the Prime Minister, made the following statement:

"I regret that Mayor Leros has not yet realized that the immigration and refugee issue, is very serious is subject to a populist rhetoric caressing ears and relieves personal political deadlocks.

Leros island and the local community, which has lifted and continues to lift disproportionate burden of the refugee crisis, You would definitely expect a more responsible attitude than, an attitude that would welcome the effort first undertaken Greek government, decongesting islands and the equal distribution of weight in all regions of the country.

This option, Region as one of the two Regions of the 2015 raise and manage refugee, humanitarian crisis, clearly and welcome. It is my duty towards the islands of the South Aegean, all these years, honoring cultural and humanitarian ideals. It is my duty to contribute to the success of this project for the benefit of all our islands.

The short-sighted and petty visual Mayor Leros "why not Leros and Rhodes or Symi, or in Kalymnos, or in Kastellorizo ​​or to another island ", not with respect and not touch me. I am not my concern and political opportunism, exhibited, in a superficial sense of division and rivalry, who believes that serves. It is a sensible and politically embarrassing vulgar.

Faced with difficult choices, showing the ability of each to lift the burden of responsibility it deserves. The Mayor Leros to find the courage and boldness to recognize one's own choices and take responsibility. The Reception and Identification Center, which already exists on the island of, not created by the Region of responsibility which in recent days have targeted systematically.

If it does not have the ability to understand what is the interest of the island of, it is rather unrealistic to believe that it can grasp the magnitude and implications of the issue.

End, it would be useful to inform openly and boldly public opinion if indeed knew in advance the government plan, as stated by the Government Spokesman, which today opposes and displays it as an option Regional Authority.

PS : The fact that the Leros mayor sends a letter to the Prime Minister on the basis of an "any commitment", as reported in this, shows the seriousness and motivation of the initiative.

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