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C. Plakiotakis: for Insularity, marine Tourism, Cruise, ports, Coasting, transport Equivalent & Coast Guard

The Greece have the first say in shaping the agenda of shipping worldwide

What supported the Minister of Marine and Island Policy, John Plakiotakis, during the debate on the policy statements for Ports, marine Tourism, transport Equivalent, Cruise, Registry, Coast Guard and Naval Training – Evaluation and viability studies 10 ports HRADF…….

The main points of his speech Minister of Marine and Island Policy, Mr. John Plakiotakis in the House under the policy statements of the Government

the strategy, the objectives and key priorities in the key areas of the portfolio, reported today by the Minister of Marine and Island Policy, Mr. John Plakiotakis, during his speech, under the government's policy statements.

The national register, naval training, the ports policy, the modernization of the Coast Guard, cabotage, the sector of marine tourism, and the critical field of island policy are the main areas in which the new political leadership of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy has been clear and unambiguous picture.

For each of these areas, Mr.. Minister tabled concrete proposals to note that all these issues will "run" directly, as is stressed by Prime Minister. Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Specifically, for each of the above topics, Mr.. Plakiotakis reported – including – The following:

Shipping and the national register – "Put an end to Drain Flag"

Mr.. Plakiotakis analyzing the data of the Greek-owned merchant fleet and the huge deficit observed between ships that have raised the Greek flag and those who though belonging to Greek interests choose flagging, demonstrated the immediate and urgent need to fully modernize the National Ship Registration.

"It is absolutely clear", he stressed, "The national register is declining, while at the same time the Greek-owned merchant fleet grows - as - continuously. It's - well - national must be halted immediately and reverse the downward trend in the National register before the situation developed into irreversible and dramatic consequences on our national economy, and employment of seafarers Greeks ".

Mr.. Minister noted that the complete digitization of the National register means which will immediately proceed with all procedures will be simplified, to the benefit of the ship, and the Greek seafarers.

Naval Training

For the critical area of ​​maritime education Minister of Marine and Island Policy said that the needs of shipping requires a modern and strong public maritime training, and a private education, which nevertheless will be adapted to actual requirements of Greek shipping and Greek sailor.

"A modern maritime education ', reported, "It should aim at producing managers capable of meeting the requirements of a labor market directly and decisively influenced by technological developments".

In this context heralded:

– Promoting Law - framework for the organization and operation of maritime training in the whole.
– Immediate activation and operation of Nea Michaniona KESEN.
– The qualitative and quantitative improvement of human capital, both trainers level, and a trainee level.

"Our strategic choice", he stressed, "It is a new architecture of the system of maritime training in Greece".

Ports - Ports Policy

With regard to ports and port policy, Mr.. Plakiotakis, He stated that "the country's ports can and should become locomotives of development of national and regional development, integrated into a single transport system and supply ".

To achieve this goal, Mr.. Minister stressed that proceeds directly:

– For ten ports limited companies, optimal use of each port individually after evaluation and feasibility study in collaboration with HRADF
– Modernization and improvement of port infrastructure with sustainability requirements.
– Leveraging funding to mobilize public, private and community resources.
– Streamlining the system of public bodies and structures dealing with ports.

As for the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki Mr.. Plakiotakis stressed to accelerate the completion of the investment and development plans.

marine Tourism

For the field of marine tourism, the Minister of Marine and Island Policy, stressed that "the ministry will play a more decisive role in legislative initiatives to modernize the sector and improve its competitiveness".

To this end the restructuring of the Register of Ships will proceed immediately with the goal of becoming a national policy tool for the industry and not overtax tool as it is now.

As for Mr. Cruise. Plakiotakis stressed that in cooperation with the ministries will take all those initiatives required to widen the home porting.

Coast Guard

The Minister of Marine and Island Policy, referring to the Coast Guard after stressing that last March completed 100 anniversary of, He said that over the years has been the tireless mainstay of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy efforts across the spectrum of its activities.

"Our target", said Mr.. Plakiotakis, "It's one and only. The strengthening of the operational capabilities of the Coast Guard, to ensure adequate means, and to consolidate the ranks of, security and identification feeling of multilevel project. "

"For us, he continued, modernize and improve internal operating rules of the Coast Guard, restore meritocracy and establish objective criteria for the smooth operation of the one-way street and a historical responsibility ".


"The ferry transfer", said the Minister of Marine and Island Policy, "Is a public good that the State must ensure that the community, and in each separate islander.

For this reason Mr.. Plakiotakis stressed that there will be targeted interventions for the development and upgrading of the existing ferry network, but must endeavor and modernization of ferry fleet


For the insularity Marine and Island Policy Minister stressed that "the formulation and adoption of a public policy for the islands, not a policy innovation, but constitutional requirement.

in the year 2019, the State is to exercise his constitutional right and obligation under Article 101 Fri.. 4 the Constitution, in which it is stated that "... the common legislator and Administration, when normative act, shall take into account the specific circumstances of island and mountain areas, ensuring their development ".

There is a policy innovation to talk about design and adoption of a Public Policy for the Island Area. It is a constitutional requirement, and that ought to do.

Building block of our island policy ", he continued, "Is a triptych, Blue Water Economy-Development-Insularity.

In this context, the priorities of the ministry will be as follows:

– Coordination of national training strategy for blue growth.
– Promotion and participation in shaping the European agenda islands.
– Maintaining and expanding the clause of insularity.
– Evaluation and rationalization of transport equivalent while incorporating incentives or aid on improving the competitiveness of our islands.
– Promote interministerial cooperation for marine spatial planning.
– Promoting modern financial tools for the implementation of major investment island.

"Greece", said Mr.. Plakiotakis closing speech, "Should and must have the first say in shaping the agenda of shipping worldwide».

I'm sure", added, "That our country will play the role that corresponds to peaceful progress and development strength in South-Eastern Europe wider region".

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