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Miracles of St.. George prostate soldiers

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These four major military witnesses, Demetriou, Procopius of both Theodore.

"Ο Festugiere (French Byzantinist), correlates well several interventions Saint to save people with his military position known as the miracle of rescuing the princess from the dragon. Equally famous is the rescue of the new from Mytilene. St. George had saved and other prisoners as a young Paphlagon and the son of a general, Leo, as well as prisoners in the hands of the Saracens and Bulgarians.

The Festugiere adds to these wonders [military interest] the intervention of St. George in order to save the life of a horse that was injured in battle in response to the prayers of the soldier in front of the image of the Holy shrine of the Lida, and the resurrection of a soldier whose killers were motivated by the desire to rob the money the soldier carrying. These facts point out that the soldiers had a specific preference for Santa. "

"Although no data on the display as St. warrior before the iconoclastic period the number of representations of a warrior increase significantly after iconoclasm mainly in Cappadocia in which the military Saints worshiped particularly. Depicted both as patron of soldiers and as prime conqueror of evil. Placed in prominent positions such as the entrances of temples or in front of the sanctuary, even in the arch. "

"The changes in the iconography of St. [Byzantine dignitary from a Byzantine warrior] coincide with changes in the concept of the Emperor who during the apogee of the Byzantine Empire from the reign of Nikiforos Fokas (963-969), John Tzimiskes (969-976) and Basil II (976-1025) acquired a new quality of military courage and who is glorified in the battlefield. "

"Undoubtedly the development of Saint worship owes much to its adoption as a patron of the Byzantine emperors. Although it was not unchanging practice, were usually impressive sponsorships or to urge Saint George to protect the men for whom they were responsible in battle or as a reward that he had already done. Such feelings are expressed in Rule drafted by Georgios Skylitzes in which you request the assistance of Saint to help the imperial army to gain victory against the Scythians, Persians and barbarians. "

"The rules Το soldier [Middle Byzantine military manual], usually attributed to Nikiforos Fokas, provided to prayers said by soldiers daily, morning and evening, with severe penalties for those who did not participate. It is interesting that this very successful quarterback facing religious practices in the army so seriously, as he was responsible for the image of the noble knight entered the Byzantine literature. "

"The Dioscuri provide an ancient precedent of intervention in the battle. They fought with the Romans in the Battle of Lake Regillus and announced the victory xedipsontas their horses Jupiter fountain in Rome. The Apostles John and Philip were involved in the battle on the side of Emperor Theodosius as horseback white horses. Saint Andrew also spoke in favor of the city of Patras, which also was the patron saint, and Saint Demetrios and Theodoros. But Saint George intervened more often, but not necessarily alone and not only in favor of the Byzantines. His intervention to save his life [Gen.] Domnitsiolou, nephew of Emperor Phocas (602-610), mentioned above [the Byzantine army was ambushed Persian].

He had also intervened in favor of the Nikiforos Fokas 961, before Emperor, the siege of Candia, along with Demetrius Saints, both Theodori and Archangel Michael. Intervened again in favor of Andronikos II which promised victory when Emperor prayed kneeling in front of a picture of St. horseback outside the chapel of the Virgin of Nikopoiou (.).»

"St. George was adopted by the Crusaders and especially from the English. Edward III proclaimed the national patron in the place of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The British relied on against the French in the war of 100 years. St. Alexander Nevsky helped, Grand Duke of Novgorod, against the Swedes 1240 and against the Teutonic Knights in 1242. "

"In the last years of the Byzantine Empire St. George took more as a protector against the conquerors than as an ally in a battle that will probably result in victory. This explains the huge number of protective representations to the late Byzantine churches. They were numerous in Transylvania where the indigenous Romanian Orthodox population sought protection against the Catholic Anjou, and in Crete, which was subordinate to Venice from 1204 to 1669. "

«[After the Latin conquest and Turkish Greeks] They needed above all protection from invaders. The protective function of the military saints became topical again. Presented in countless representations, mainly on the facades or entrances of temples. These images were just portraits, but a popular iconographic type was that of St. George slaying an enemy or an obnoxious monster. This served as a linguistic code: in place of the monster ennoountan the Turks. "

The land army mourns

The Army with command cancels all events scheduled to perform Sunday 23 April day Celebration of the Patron Army …except Artillery!

According to the Notice - Order of the General Staff: “Ενημερώνουμε ότι, because the three-day mourning of the Armed Forces, the celebration of St. George will be the celebration of a religious ritual only, χωρίς επιδείξεις οπλικών συστημάτων και μέσων και με την παρουσία μόνο του προσωπικού των Στρατοπέδων”!

Celebration of St George military prostate Land

{youtube}https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 01QGZoVpqds{/youtube}

Source: pronews.gr

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