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Glass Domes!! 25 Proposals by the new trend!! Jars everywhere with vintage objects!!

The vintage is a fashion that most closely follow home. The Mix and Match the boosts.

But how many times, you have small valuables on tables and shelves, lost among the rest and you do not know, how to nominations.

The Glass Domes came to get us out of the predicament.

Small or large bowls, everywhere, upside down, only, in dishes or trays, highlight currencies, beads, photos, even shells, memory of one of our favorite summer.

Even a small pot becomes otherwise there!!

The worshiped but ideas, is the use of domes as a table centerpiece for wedding or baptism, and decorating them with a nursery, placing even the simplest, paper poms-poms, as if they were a museum piece!!

The Domes are ideal for seasonal decorations, with flowers, Easter eggs, or pine cones and Christmas decorations.

For example, if we use a medal his grandfather, becoming in this way!! The relic now gained the glamor it deserves!!

Empnefstite of this amazing trend, to close your collection in fishbowl!!

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