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Government Reform: Who is Mitsotakis looking for in Reform?!! What changes is he thinking of making?!!

What "bench" does Maximou have for the new Ministerial!! The "structural" reorganization, the bench and the… complaints!!

The changes in the government are expected to take place by the end of next month at the latest and their political sign will be "centrist and reformist".. The Prime Minister is looking for "people who can do the job". There are people who could strengthen the government, however, thousands of stamps have not been affixed to the party…..

Konstantinos Karamanlis from 1955 until 1980 had an almost permanent cabinet, always chose the same for the same positions.

Andreas Papandreou changed ministers like zivagos, giving people a chance που – κατά την κατσιφαρική διαπίστωση – δεν θα τους ήξεραν ούτε οι θυρωροί τους να κάτσουν σε έναν υπουργικό θώκο.

Hence the conversation that has begun - albeit in a whisper - in the political wells on the occasion of the proposal to a former green minister to claim the leadership of the OECD and the impending reshuffle raises a reasonable question.: Does the Prime Minister finally have a bench in his Parliamentary Group or not;
As revealed by in.gr, his interlocutors insist that his second reshuffle will be "structural".
The same, complete, is looking for "people who can do the job".
And, as he has proved so far, does not hesitate to dive into the yearbook of another party - the modernizing PASOK, to be exact - in order to find them.
The information wants the changes in the government to take place by the end of next month at the latest and their political sign to be "centrist and reformist"..
Some even say that executives who have these two political characteristics, that is, they have been naturalized as centrists and reformers, are expected to be placed in important ministerial posts, while predicting that several secretaries-general - a respectable number of whom come from the center-left - will be upgraded.
In other words, the Prime Minister is extremely likely to seek out most of the know-how he wants not within the coalition, but in the wider center-left space.

Η συγκεκριμένη εκτίμηση εκφράζεται – υπό τη μορφή παραπόνου – κι εντός της Κοινοβουλευτικής του Ομάδας.

Ενα παράπονο που οι διαδρομιστές της Βουλής παρατηρούν πως τείνει να μετατραπεί σε γκρίνια μετά και την επιλογή της Αννας Διαμαντοπούλου – παρότι, as an old blue parliamentarian jokingly points out, "It simply came to our notice then, gave her a position claim ".

According to the same source, "Those who complained about Diamantopoulou were just ready to moan, they were looking for the occasion ".

by the way, his criticism of his colleagues is based on cold political realism, because he adds that "some ND MPs have won a seat thanks to the center-left openings of Mitsotakis, after they increased the party's percentages ".

In his analysis, the neo-democrats' annoyance with the center-left transfers, however, has no special basis, μιας και πιστεύει πως «εκείνοι που έχουν πιθανότητες να μπουν σε μια νέα κυβέρνηση από τον δικό μας χώρο θα μπουν» – όσοι, commonly, correspond to the description of the ministries given by the close associates of the Prime Minister.


Three names

There are three names that most seem to agree on:
of the Member of Parliament Christos Tarantilis, of Serres Tasos Hadjivassiliou and the internationalist Dimitris Kairidis.
The first, appointed professor at the University of Economics Secretary of Strategic Planning and Communication of Piraeus 2017, was a personal choice of Mitsotakis for the renewal of the blue KO.
The second, performing and acting Secretary of International Relations, as reported by the most careful observers, accompanied the Prime Minister to last week's Summit in Brussels.
The third, is best known to the general public thanks to his frequent media presence long before he is elected.
According, sure, with the data that Piraeus had made public after its polls 2019, almost the 40% of the members of the blue KO - 59 deputies - entered the Parliament for the first time.
But if just three such are recognized by several of their colleagues as meeting the Mitsotaki ministerial criteria, the bench is not small;

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