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Greek vote abroad: The registration platform for Greek voters abroad will be ready in November

The electronic platform is expected to be launched in November, through which Greek voters abroad will be registered in the special electoral lists, in order to vote in the Greek elections from their place of permanent residence. This was stated by the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos, in an interview on the Greek show of the national radio network of Australia, SBS……….

Occasion, the recent enactment of the law 4735/2020, that concerned, including, amendments to the Greek citizenship code, Mr.. Theodorikakos made it clear that the law does not bring about any change for the children of the expatriates, noting that the acquisition of Greek citizenship by blood remains unshakable. All you need, to register and have Greek citizenship, are their parents to declare the birth of their children in the Special Registry to be given Greek citizenship, clarified the minister.

Referring to the new system, which provides for the conduct of Panhellenic Examinations, excluding those aliens and allogens over 62 years, Mr.. Theodorikakos said: "There will be pan-Hellenic exams, in which foreigners, allogeneic, they will have to prove that they know the Greek language, Greek history, the Greek political institutions and these are the conditions that they really want to become Greek citizens ". As for their children, stressed that all children have participated in the Greek education system, can become Greek citizens.

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