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Health Min Kikilias: Covid hospital now "Thriasio" – Opening of new ICUs in Attica

The Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias appealed for strict observance of the protection measures tonight during the established information about the pandemic, on the occasion of the adaptation to the existing measures, talking about "small breaths of support and help in society"…………

The minister said that we are still in a health crisis and need special attention in the next few weeks to withstand the NSS that is being hit by the third and strongest wave., he said. Recommend caution, and reverent observance of the measures, mask, distances and antiseptic.

Virus mutations are much more contagious with dozens of hospital admissions daily, said Mr.. Kikilias and called on citizens to put aside fatigue in the face of risk of loss of life.

Announced further NSS reinforcement with conversion of Thriasio Hospital to covid by 7 April. Said that the simple beds are 130 and 33 ICU and will gradually develop 180 simple beds. The incidents will be directed to private clinics and the on-call time of Thriasios will be covered by the private sector.

They are also created 51 new ICUs at the NSS.

Finally, he stated that the vaccination is proceeding normally. To date they have been granted 1.691.000 doses. Operate 1.042 vaccination centers staffed by 3.500 sanitary

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