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Heightened measures: New SMS code in 13033, for the super markets IELKA asks!! What measures does it propose?!!

New password via SMS at 13033 IELKA asks for the supermarkets

The Consumer Goods Research Institute [IELKA], rings the alarm bell for the way the Buy in the midst of his pandemic coronavirus and especially super market……

In his analysis, refers to the ability to serve customers, reduced to 50%, while also expressing concern about creating long queues at peak hours outside stores. Γι αυτό ζητά αλλαγή του πλαισίου λειτουργίας των super market under the current JMD and enforcing a new password to be sent with SMS to 13033 (B.C. the No.. 7)

Alongside, IELKA submits the following proposals:

  • the return of the maximum number of people for all stores to the current ones 17/1 (1 person per 10 sq.m.), aimed at customer service and regularity in the supply of basic consumer goods.
  • the resumption of opening hours for grocery stores on 20:30 to give time for essential purchases to employees of other retail stores.
  • The adoption of a different distinct travel code in 13033 for grocery stores compared to other retail stores (B.C. the "7"), in order to separate shopping time for basic necessities from other items.

According to the study of IELKA, "It is clear that the number of customer service capability is not enough to properly serve customers. The result of the reduction in serviceability will inevitably be the creation of queues outside the stores, as observed in the past, with difficult weather conditions.

We believe that the consequences will be the following:

  • Crowding outside the stores στις ουρές. Overcrowding - which did not exist until today - is potentially more dangerous than fast service as it used to be in stores.
  • Αύξηση του μέσου χρόνου εξυπηρέτησης due to the tails. B.C. instead 1 visit time will be needed 1 time plus 15 minutes waiting to enter the store. Given the limitation of 2 hours for purchases from 13033, minutes reducing the time available to buy essentials.
  • Show concern, anger, αν όχι και πανικού, to the buying public due to the queues, something that will translate into buying behavior.
  • Wrong communication message to the consumer-citizen both in relation to the course of the pandemic, as well as in relation to the security of its markets.

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