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Heightened Measures: In the “Red” Mykonos from Saturday at 6 in the morning – What about the curfew?, schools and shops

At level B.’ “Red”, Mykonos with increased risk 22 outbreaks
Returns from tomorrow at 6 in the morning the Charter of Health Safety and Protection against Covid-19 infection……….
There are two levels of health insurance, level A- surveillance [which is displayed in yellow] and level B.’ – increased risk [which is shown in red and] in which additional restrictive measures apply.

The level of health security of each regional unit is determined by its epidemiological burden.

Epidemiologically affected areas are classified as red, which can be accessed by both Local Communities and Municipal Units, as well as Municipalities, Regional Units and entire Regions if required by the data.

At both levels there are horizontal measures for the whole territory, which are the basis of our effort.

These measures are as follows:

  • Use of mask indoors and outdoors.
  • 24hour traffic restriction using SMS to 13033 only for six (6) reasons.
  • Work with the least possible staff (alternately, teleworking) in the private and public sector.
  • Distance education in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Kindergartens are open, Primary schools and all Special Education schools at all levels.
  • Functioning of Supreme Courts and Special Courts.
  • Super League operation 1 & 2 and Basketball League.

Mykonos Prefecture is in the "red" from Saturday at 6 in the morning

"In the red" areas enters the Regional Unit of Mykonos, following the recommendation of epidemiologists and based on the epidemiological data formed in the last week, which puts additional restrictive measures in place for the region.

In the red", level B., enter from tomorrow at 6 in the morning and the following areas:

The Regional Unit of Lesvos, the municipality of Eordaia of the Regional Unit of Kozani, the municipalities of Thebes and Tanagra of the Regional Unit of Viotia, the municipality of Sparta of the Regional Unit of Laconia, the municipality of Chalkida and the Roma settlement of the municipal unit of Dystia of the municipality of Kymi-Aliveri of the Regional Unit of Evia, the municipality of Nea Propontida of the Regional Unit of Halkidiki, the municipality of Patras of the Regional Unit of Achaia, the municipality of Thira of the Regional Unit of Thira, Regional unity Mykonos and the region of Attica except for the Regional Unit of Islands.

Specifically, as announced by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nick Chardalias, during the information on the course of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece, from tomorrow Saturday 30 January, at 6 το πρωί έως την Δευτέρα 8 The following measures will enter into force in February :

At this level B’ – increased risk, the following measures will apply:

1. The traffic ban in these areas is valid from 6 in the afternoon until 5 in the morning, except Attica which due to metropolitanism, increased population and the public transport network, the ban applies from 9 night until 5 in the morning.
2. Only the Gymnasiums operate for life (the Lyceums operate with distance education)
3. In places of worship, allowed up to 9 persons during the performance of functions.
4. The operation of stores is done with the click away method and especially the clothing stores, footwear, as well as hairdressers, Grocery stores and bookstores operate under the pre-arranged appointment process (click in a shop).

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