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His Eminence Dorotheos B’: "You mention Psara and Messolonghi"

With a symbolic gesture, His Eminence Mr.. Dorotheos II today marked the beginning of the festive events for the anniversary of 200 years since the beginning of the struggle for freedom and independence in 1821, hoisting on the central mast of the historic Holy Metropolitan Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior the flag of his Revolution 1821, which will remain posted throughout the anniversary year 2021…..

The Eminence. Dorotheos II during this simple symbolic ceremony stressed that "all Greeks must visit Psara and Messolonghi once in their lives, to realize how great a gift freedom is, how many sacrifices it requires and how difficult it is to manage properly!»

He stressed that all Greeks should be proud of our heroines and heroic ancestors, who, to 400 years of slavery, they maintained their Orthodox faith, their language, the morals, their customs and traditions, and fought and sacrificed for freedom, with the first the National Martyr Patriarch of Constantinople Gregory V, which the Turks hung on the main Gate of the Patriarchate on the day of his Easter 1821, at 10 April, had just communed during the Resurrection Liturgy!

Finally, he reminded that Ermoupolis is the product of the Revolution, which was created by the bloodthirsty refugees from Chios, the Fishermen and the beaches of Hellenic Ionia, who found refuge on the hospitable island of Syra.

"The Psarians", he continued, "They built the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, transferring to him the famous Icon of Theotokopoulos from the homonymous Temple of Psara, the Chians built the settlement of Vrontados and deposited in this returning Church of the Resurrection the remains of the National Martyr Metropolitan of Chios Plato, the last pre-Revolution Metropolitan of Chios Daniel Kontoudis took refuge in Syros and deported it from 1842 until 1862, in the bell tower of the Metropolitan Church of the Transfiguration the bell from the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos Psaron and the Square still rings today, in front of the majestic City Hall of Ermoupolis, of the Parthenon of the City Halls of Greece, as it has been affectionately characterized, adorns the statue of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis!».

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