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The value of your precious diamond!!

Our value is not dependent on patents that we, our profession, of money and our CV, how social we, of credentials, social contacts and social networking…..

It does not depend on our faith, how trying, how love, nor how much they love us, It does not depend on the opinion they have of us others, by what we give value.

It does not depend on how good or bad a person you now.

Our value being determined by our inner self….

The value of a diamond is not changed if the diamond is treated or untreated.

If a diamond is raw this does not diminish its value, do not be sold less.

Nobody would give a diamond at half price because it is raw ...

Unless he did not know that in the hands of hiding a diamond ...

It is the light that reflects a diamond which does have value.

Are the qualities of the diamond that make it reflects light, what gives value.

similar, is not our external attributes these that give us value.

A bird sitting in a tree, is not afraid of breaking branches, because confidence is not in the branch, but in his own wings.

Always believe in yourself .....

"The true essence is beyond the ego. They are fearless and free. Do not touch the criticism and do not tremble nor the slightest provocation. Not feel inferior nor superior to anyone and is full of magic and mystery "

Deepak Chopra

If you come across a diamond which is crude may not understand that diamond and to behave as if it is rubbish ...

This reduces the value of the diamond?

We tend to take our definition of value than other people and how they treat us.

The image we have of ourselves can be derived from the image that others have about us.

But we become so dependent on external things and situations and especially the opinion of others.

We get to be the view of other prisoners, or hesitate to do what dictates our conscience because we think what can be the other currencies for us..

When we base our value on external objects and successes then we build our lives in fear.

We can not afford to lose, because then I feel we do not deserve anything.

While indeed the possibility to make mistakes and have failures prerequisite for learning and development ...

But on the other again, this does not mean that external objects and successes deserve.

Often they come effortlessly only realize our great, inherent, value.

Many times people, to control and manipulate others, we offer our love, our understanding, our confirmation conditional.

ie withdraw our love when someone, eg our child, does not comply with the behavior and the criteria we we.

As Stephen Covey says in his book "The seven habits of highly effective people":

"When love is given conditionally, when someone needs to win the love, it communicated to him, It is that it is intrinsically valuable or lovable. The value is compared to something else or with any expectation "

So we learn to compare and compete over who deserves more. The truth is that nobody is worth more or less.

We value all is priceless, huge, immeasurable.

Whether they realize others and recognize it or not. Whether we realize it ourselves or not.

But how deep can and actually understand that our tremendous value;

Especially when we are used to define our worth by comparing with others or with external criteria;

The answer lies in unconditional love:

* We need to learn to love others, so we feel deep inside and that our uniqueness and identity.

* We need to learn to offer, to the others, what they want. Reflection of our actual substance is inherently lovable and valuable.

* You need loving others unconditionally to show them that they deserve this love, not because they obey a standard we take right, but because that is their nature and identity, be loveable.

How hard is it to do that when we feel insecure and inferior;

Yet the only way to help ourselves.

And simultaneously help and our loved ones in the same direction.

"Love is the only way to seize a human being in the deepest core of his personality. No one can fully know the essence of a human being unless it loves. "

Victor Frankl: The meaning of life

You're a diamond that needs treatment!!

Only you decide whether to undergo treatment and what. You can not decide someone else for you.

It is your decision, your responsibility.

It's up to you to understand your true value and fulfill your potential, offering it to the service of others ... you do;

Text: S.. Gull – Diligence: A. Vinos

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