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The School Holidays Period 2019-2020!!

The School Holidays Period 2019-2020!! Holidays – Holidays – Celebrations!!…..

Back to school thousands of students across the country, in the new school year 2019-2020.

But already there are many students who are thinking of when they will get the first "breath".

detail what the holidays, holidays and celebrations will be closed schools:

1. Teaching courses are not held and exams are not conducted in the following periods of the school year:

a) Christmas holidays from December 24 until January 7.
b) Easter holidays, from Holy Monday up to Low Sunday.
c) summer holidays, from 1 July to 31 August, subject to paragraph. 10 of the article 1.

2. During the summer holidays the office every Gymnasium, High School and Vocational High School open to the public one day a week, which is defined by the / the Manager / Director of the Directorate of Secondary Education and communicated to the board of school notices. On this day a / at least one of them / the faculty / museums each school, the / which the / a set by decision of the Teachers' Association / ouson before the end of the school year, is he / she responsible for handling any current official theme, exercising extraordinary powers Manager / Director of school, and signs instead / price each document or title. If the tasks carry more than one / one faculty / museums, those powers exercise his / her senior / or the extent and tie on his / her senior / or. If the day is set is a public holiday, office open to the public next business day.

3. For secondary schools, General High Schools and Vocational High Schools, the provisions of Law. 1157/1981 (A 126) to establish a five-day working week, as amended and in force.

4. Closed Gymnasiums, general Lyceum, professional Lyceum, drills EAE, Lyceum EAE, Uniform Occupational Special high schools and E.E.E.EK. out:

a) All Sundays
b) religious observances of the Holy Spirit and the Three Hierarchs,
c) national anniversaries of October 28 and March 25
d) The Shrove Tuesday
e) May 1st
f) under the current provisions, days off for each school office because local religious or national holiday.

5. Private schools are allowed, after notification in / at home / a Director / Director of Education, to slow to two additional days per year, on dates related to the history and the tradition or school, in the case of foreign schools, which are formal national or religious holiday in their home country.

6. At the eve of national anniversaries of October 28 and March 25, and the anniversary of November 17 carried out in secondary schools, General High Schools and Vocational High Schools, open to society, festive anniversary events and happenings in the school event space. If this day falls on a Saturday or a holiday, The above events are held the last Saturday or public holiday that. The flag festival takes place on the same day of the celebrations of the anniversary of October 28.

Holidays termly 2019-2020

    • National Anniversary of "NO" 28 October 2019, Monday
    • Christmas 25 December 2019, Wednesday
    • Synaxis of the Theotokos 26 December 2019, Thursday
    • New Year's Day 1 January 2020, Wednesday
    • Three Hierarchs 30 January, Thursday
    • Green Monday 2 Of March 2020, Monday
    • Annunciation, 25or Of March, Wednesday
    • Holy Week, 13 – 19 April 2020
    • Holy Spirit, 8 June 2020, Monday

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